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Event Planning:

Let us arrange your entire event or reception. We have intriguing partners, wonderful locations, tasty caterers, and unique decor to choose from. Dinners, tours entertainment and transportation are right at your fingertips with our event planning services. Real life New Orleans artists and entertainers design your unique Dinners, Tours & Events. Splurge on Psychic Event Planning: Bloody Mary knows what you want!

Psychic Readers:

Hire Bloody Mary or one of her special clairvoyants or psychic readers available day or night for parties and conventions. Our wonderful eclectic psychics live the life of magic together with Bloody Mary. Be intrigued by tarot readings, palm readings, past life readings, bone throwing, mediumship and seances. Learn more on the Psychics page.


Whatever your theme we aim to get you into the spirit with our dancers, singers, drummers or costumed revelers, our Living History troop. Watch the Voodoo Loas dance, the Ghedes serve the punch, a Zombie second line the Ladies of the night might stage a cat fight, or even watch a duel or participate in one in (as a judge-only). Your imagination is your limit.



Marvelous Musicians

Make and keep your own voodoo doll with priestess help and blessings. Examine historic and modern methods of checking on the supernatural with hands on paranormal tools psychic connection devices, mediums and maybe even add an instrumental trans-communication area for electronic mediumship. Examine paranormal evidence, ghost photos, and EVPS.​

Do you want a quiet quartet or a full marching band? Our Voodoo drum troop will wake up the spirits and our jazz second lines are known to lead the living and the dead. DJ’s are a great option, or we offer you a slew of New Orleans bands to dance the night away – even Bounce or maybe a Zombie flash mob to surprise you.​

Let our readers answer questions for your guests with old school New Orleans methods – tarot or throw ‘dem bones. We can have them wait at a table for your guests to come at their leisure or have them as wandering whisperers who stroll the party delivering messages waiting in the wings. You choose the style and we will deliver.​




Living Legends

Let our entertainers step out of New Orleans history right into your party. Maybe our characters come from the dark side, the magical side or are the actual current living artists, authors or infamy of NOLA Now… Let New Orleans Who’s Who come to you for that authentic touch to remember!​



Mesdame’s et Messieurs, Ladies and Gentlemen, Bon Joir! Welcome. We aim to please. Our themes are original, and your guests appreciate our authentic touch. We psychically brainstorm our ideas to match you with the perfect backdrop. Unique creativity Imagined from French Quarter artists and psychic planners direct to your event!​

Fabulous Food

Themed Menus​

Did you know that much of New Orleans’ Creole cuisine has a history of its own? Let us help you select your menu items and write up a unique keepsake menu for your events. Get some secret tips – both magical and culinary with our event planning! We create with the chefs at great restaurants and the city’s top caterers.​

Bloody Mary Productions scouts fabulous locations for you and offer services

for DJs, dancers, musicians, authentic paranormal activity. and hands-on Voodoo tables.

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