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828 N. Rampart Street in the French Quarter


Come Conjure your own New Orleans Magic writh us and let us guide you to Hoodoo Holistic remedies & Spirit Tools. Get your personal Voodoo prescription filled with Bloody Mary Voodoo Witch Shop online, or in person. We ship your order direct!

 Many Items are magically created in house for you. Get our famous priestess made potions, Voodoo dolls, gris-gris, mojo, wangas,  blessed and dressed candles, tonics & spell kits. + a full line of crystals. Most of our ingredients are hand picked & carefully created, old school! Buy talismans, t-shirts, mystic art, jewelery, altar tools, Tarot cards ...

Spirit tools that we make for you  can come with consults. You deserve to Indulge in our ritual work, divinations, Seance & psychic readings in NOLA or at home too!

Climb up to the Haunted Attic asylum to adopt Curios, Oddities , haunted dolls and collectlbles to take them to their forever homes!

*Though one thinks of Voodoo dolls to harm others or drain them, this is not advised. We teach you to focus on increasing your own strengths and healing others, from the source, for  the best!



Make-Your-Own Voodoo Doll Bar


VOODOO DOLLS: This infamous effigy is really a surrogate of the intended. We help you activate the doll and baptize it as we instruct you how to care for it according to its purpose. e to contain your  own heightend self spirit or house others: Maybe a lover, a protector guard, a spirt guide, ancestor or ? Come on down and learn more



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