A Trip To This Haunted Museum In New Orleans Is Not For The Faint Hearted


New Orleans is known to be one of the most haunted cities in the country. We have countless restaurants, hotels, and homes that have claimed to have high levels of paranormal activity. Ghost tours are a big part of tourism for New Orleans, but they can be equally fun for locals too! If you’re looking for something unique and fun to do with your friends, consider heading over to this haunted museum for a spooky good time....

Bloody Mary

at the Haunted Museum​

NOLA ParaCon Ghost talks w Nick Groff from Paranormal Lockdown:

Rampart Street Murder House​

Bloody Mary's

Haunted Museum New Orleans​

Real Ghosts Real People

at Haunted Museum New Orleans​


Bloody Mary's Happy Customers Interview

Bloody Mary's Luxury Van

City & Cemetery Tour

Bloody Mary: a.k.a.

"A Spiritual Indiana Jones"


Voodoo historian Bloody Mary, who the Travel Channel calls “a spiritual Indiana Jones,” offers a variety of tours exploring New Orleans historic haunts, from Moonlight Graveyard excursions to Tours of the Undead....

Spotlight on Bloody Mary for the

8th Annual Folk Magic Festival


Bloody Mary’s new book Hauntings, Horrors and Dancing with the Dead, published by Weiser books, has met with rave reviews and her secret Psychopomp and spirit guide side is now shared with the world. Bloody Mary’s book itself is reported to be haunted and was released to the public March 2016....

Outside the Circle: Into the Realm of Voodoo with Bloody Mary


Born on the bayou and baptized as Mary Millan, Bloody Mary was raised in the Crescent City. Her family roots reach back to 1718 stemming from the Alsace-Lorraine region of France. She is a tenth generation Creole with deep Catholic roots....

Trick or Treat with the Dead at the Bloody Mary New Orleans Haunted museum this Halloween!


Trick or treat with the dead: dead children, dead friends, dead family and dead pets are all invited. Bring pictures of your loved ones to join “The Wall” in the Hall of Voodoo altars and bring a tasty treat or that special toy for the Creepy Doll Drive....

Curators of a Culture:

Meet the Authors

of Culturecast | Bloody Mary


Mary Millan is an accomplished author of blogs, vlogs, and many other mediums. Her latest and biggest project has been the publication of her new book. “My newest book is Blood Mary’s Guide to Hauntings,  Horrors  and Dancing with the Dead”....


The Spirits, and The Spirits of New Orleans​


Ashley joins Bloody Mary's Ghost Tour she gets to see a bit more of the city than she bargained for.

Travel Channel's Spotlight on Bloody Mary's Haunted Home​


Bloody Mary tells Travel Channel's Zak about banishing negative beings from her home.



Tucked away in Mid-City lies a two story, purple and blue home that dates back to the 1890s. New Orleans is haunted far beyond the French Quarter— the ghosts are spread all over town. That is just the case with the private residence of Bloody Mary, a voodoo queen, and paranormal investigator....

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The Bloody Mary Show:

New Orleans Holiday

Hoodoo Recipe!​

Bloody Mary's Paranormal Investigation

"Into a Sink Hole in New Orleans"

created for Hauntings, Horrors & Harrah's​

Bloody Mary's Book

Press Release​


A conversation with Bloody Mary about her Guide to Hauntings, Horrors, and Dancing with the Dead.


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Coast to Coast AM

with George Noory


PODCAST: As an 11th generation Creole New Orleanian, Bloody Mary, made her debut on the show. A strong advocate for spirits’ rights, she runs Bloody Mary’s Tours, and guest lectures at Loyola and Tulane Universities. She discussed the rich history of voodoo and the paranormal that permeates the culture of New Orleans, and her interactions with the spirit realm. Spirits aren’t necessarily something to be feared but rather can act as our protectors, she revealed…

Paranormal Experienced

by Kat Hobson

with guest Bloody Mary


PODCAST: "This program with Bloody Mary of New Orleans was fascinating to me. I didn't know much about voodoo and she was a font of information about it as well as about New Orleans history! She shared so much knowledge and information that the two hours just flew by! Don't forget to go see her if you get to NOLA!"

-Kat Hobson


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Exploring Voodoo & the Haunted Voodoo House with Bloody Mary


with Queen of Voodoo

Bloody Mary