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Come get your insighful Readings with New Orleans' best Psychics!

You can trust Psychic readings by Bloody Mary and her hand-selected Psychic Mediums & Mystics. Are you ready for your Psychic Tune-up? Whether you just need a quick check in or a complete overhaul let us advise you. Our Mystic wellness center is a full service Psychic Spa where New Orleans best Psychics are on staff to energetically navigate your needs with their spirit guides. Always keep your balance: Body & Soul.

We do readings for man or beast, living or dead! Our Pet Psychics love the fur babies and aid in communication with them. Each of our adept Psychic readers  has their personal spirit guides to assist you in your session and choose from many mystics. We may ask you to trust the spirits advice to choose the style best to work for you! Our sessions by appointment require 30 minutes + or we have reader du jour for  15 min shorter insights

 WE are ready to do all of our work  in person or in your home by phone or Zoom !   Don't' wait till a crisis situation to get a psychic reading or spiritual work! We suggest a more preventative medicine approach by offering full mystic holitstc healing methods! We are your metaphysical life coache and strive for the clearest big picture long term success for you. This can include uncrossings and banishes for  your fresh start


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