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Palm • Tarot • Tea Leaves • Bones • Séance • Past Life • Reiki • Energy Healings



Come on in and get your walk-in Readings with New Orleans' best Psychics!

You can trust Psychic readings by Bloody Mary and her hand-selected Psychic Mediums & Mystics. Choose from Tarot cards, Bone throwin’, Séance, Crystal ball, Past life, Runes, Palm readings & Reiki coupled with other mystic methods.  At the Psychic Spa, New Orleans’ best Psychics wait to psychically navigate your needs with their spirit guides and yours.​

People come for psychic readings and Spiritual work in crisis situations. We suggest a more preventative medicine approach. Offering a full mystic healing method, we remind you that we are life coaches. We strive for balance and can include uncrossings and banishes for a fresh start. We want the clearest big picture long term success for you.

Each of our adept Psychic readers also has their personal spirit guides to assist you in your session. You can always trust your gut and book the mystic that you resonate with.


We may ask you to trust the spirits advice to choose the style best to work for you! Many selected psychic styles by appointments require 30 minutes or more.