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Bloody Mary's New Orleans Cemeteries Guide

New Orleans cemeteries guide many a savvy traveler to their gates for over two centuries. Book a tour with Bloody Mary and experience the Cities of the Dead first hand! NOTE: Only Catholic Cemeteries are temporarily closed at present due to the Cornona Virus!  Small group private tours can still visit the Incredible architecture in our graveyards. The heartfelt sentiments, tender care and architectural splenor will surprise and astonish you. Meet the people, the places and feel their stories come alive. Here are the addresses of many New Orleans cemeteries for you to find on your own. Most you can visit but some can only be entered with a licensed insured tour company. We have cemetery, van or walking tours to join. We always offered small group  luxury van city cemetery tours for quality assurance and now for safety too!  Let us  take you off the beaten path to discover the true New Orleans. We can also customize a private tour just for you! 


Our Cities of the Dead look just like our cities of the living – long narrow houses, housing multi-generations of the same family with above ground basements​.

– Mark Twain

St. Louis Cemetery #1

Treme & Downtown New Orleans
Est. 1789
401 Basin Street

St. Louis Cemetery #2

Treme & Downtown New Orleans
Est. 1823
320 N. Claiborne Avenue

St. Louis Cemetery #3

Mid-City Cemetery District
Est. 1854
3421 Esplanade Avenue

Carrollton Cemetery

Est. 1836-1849
1701 Hillary Street

Valance St. Cemetery

Est. 1869
Valance & Saratoga Streets

St. Mary Graveyard

Est. prior to 1921
Adams Street

St. Joseph Cemetery

Est. 1854
2200 Washington Avenue

Lafayette Cemetery #1

Est. 1832
1416-1498 Washington Avenue

Lafayette Cemetery #2

Est. 1800's
1410 Washington Avenue

St. Vincent de Paul Cemetery

Est. 1850
1322 & 1401 Louisa Street

St. Roch Cemetery

Est. 1874
1425 St. Roch Street

Gates of Prayer #1

Mid-City Cemetery District
ESt. 858
4824 Canal Street

Gates of Prayer #2

Est. 1853
1411 Joseph Street

Chevra Thilim Memorial

Mid-City Cemetery District
Est. 1969
5000 Iberville Street

Cypress Grove Cemetery

Mid-City Cemetery District
Est. 1840
120 City Park Avenue

Greenwood Cemetery

Mid-City Cemetery District
Est. 1852
5242 City Park Avenue

Metairie Cemetery

Mid-City Cemetery District
Est. 1870
5100 Pontchartrain Boulevard

Holt Cemetery

Mid-City Cemetery District
ESt. 1879
4901 Rosedale Drive

Masonic Cemeteries 1 & 2

Mid-City Cemetery District
Est. 1865
400 City Park Avenue

St. Patrick's Cemetery

1, 2 & 3

Mid-City Cemetery District
Est. 1841
5000 Canal Street

Charity Hospital Cemetery

Mid-City Cemetery District
Est. 1848
5052 Canal Street

Oddfellow's Rest

Mid-City Cemetery District
Est. 1838
5055 Canal Street

Dispersed of Judah

Mid-City Cemetery District
Est. 1849
4909 Canal Street

Chalmette Battlefield National Cemetery

Est. 1814
8606 W. St. Bernard Highway

Mount Olivet

ESt. 1922
4000 Normal Mayer Avenue

Lincoln/Resthaven Cemetery

Est. 1800's
10400 Old Gentilly Road

Hebrew Rest

Est. 1860
4100 Frenchmen Street

Garden of Memories

Garden of Memories, Metairie
Est. prior to 1940
4900 Airline Drive

Ossey Ordogne

Cemeteries, Northshore
Est. prior to 1850
Fish Hatchery Rd. Lacombe, LA

Hook and Ladder

Cemeteries, Westbank
Est. 1858
1053 Lafayette Street, Gretna, LA

Fleming Cemetery

Cemeteries, Westbank
Est. approx. 1842
Lafitte, LA

Cemeteries are our passion! In order to experience the many above-ground "Cities of the Dead" in New Orleans, Bloody Mary's van tours visit numerous cemetery locations, thereby offering the longest-running, award-winning day and nighttime cemetery tours in the city. Please be respectful of these sacred grounds while