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Bloody Mary's Haunted Museum
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Social distancing is for the living not the dead! So come book our small group public Ghost Hunts OR create a private ghost hunts to explore after-hours inisde our documented haunted 200 year old buildings.  Your ghost hunter host will lead you on safe paranormal explores. Come connect with ghosts using psychic, holstic & Voodoo Paranormal investigation techniques using state of the art professional paranormal equipment on free roam encounters  + enjoy your ghost hunt night vision playback on site! Expand and plan a whole private Haunted Night at the Museum Paranormal party: add psychics, fab food & a few extra spirits! Book now on public or private ghost adventures. 

Face the magic with our wealth of psychic readings, spiritual services, rituals and workshops all with our fabulous in-house psychic mediums, priestesses and traveling adepts. Join our small gourp Victorian-style Séance or join from home on our Zoom Seance starting in June 2020  or plan a private Paranormal Event or psychic party.


Book your 1-on-1 psychic readings, join workshops, or connect on after-dark Ghost Hunts​ By phone, Zoom or whatsapp till we meet again! Maybe book  a virtual class, get a psychic tune-up, uncross and release bounds and even enjoy unique wedding ceremonies, love rituals, or hoodoo workshops.


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Wander through Paranormal displays and come spirit shop in the Voodoo Pharmacy to get your personal metaphysical prescription filled! Explore the museum & hear the supernatural history behind New Orleans hauntings on your visit.  Museum tours by day ghost hunts by night! Come see a haunted collection, haunted dolls, Victorian Séance parlor, ghost photo gallery, Occult artifacts, Voodoo Altars all in a 200-year-old historic French Quarter cottage. Connect with the spirits as we explore paranormal evidence and the Who's Who New Orleans Ghosts. Relax in a beautiful hidden open aired Creole courtyard, and see the outbuildings as you feel history come alive. Maybe you can find all 13 resident ghosts! Get out Fab APP inc. w your reservation or Virtual "Bloody Mary Tour" now  & Search APP store

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Haunted Museum

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"This Haunted Museum in New Orleans is not for the faint-hearted​!"

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The Haunted Museum & Spirit Shop features Historic Haunted Museum Tours, Ghost Hunts, Haunted Collections, Paranormal Evidence, Psychics, Victorian Séance Parlor, Classes, Voodoo Pharmacy, Voodoo Doll Bar, extended City & Cemetery tours, Voodoo & Metaphysical Shop, Gris-Gris and Ghosts!​

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Haunted Museum​


This video is about the early stage of Bloody Mary's New Orleans Haunted museum. Follow the haunted journey from the beginning.

Tour a 200-year-old historic French Quarter building. Feel the infamous haunted atmosphere as seen on History Channel's Haunted History, Paranormal Lockdown and Buzzfeed: Unsolved. Join a guided tour through the Haunted Museum with a ghost photo gallery, séance parlor, Voodoo Hall of Altars, psychic center, PSI testing area and 13 resident ghosts!


NOTE: Upgrade by booking one of our ghost hunts, walking or van tours online, the Haunted Museum tour is free.​

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Ghost Gallery Pics, Videos & Sound


We encounter anomalous evidence every day on and off site, all throughout New Orleans and especially in our own Haunted Museum. Share your own evidence of spooks and see what we have captured on film and tape by voices, videos and photos!

Bloody Mary Tours offers a wide variety

of on and offsite tours by foot and by van.


Discover our tour combos to explore the neighborhoods of New Orleans such as Treme, Mid-City Bywater, Marigny, Garden District, and the famous French Quarter, plus see above-ground cemeteries and even tour the haunted bars of Bourbon Street!

Bloody Mary’s premier New Orleans Metaphysical Spirit Gift Shop


The Spirit Shop includes a Conjure Corner, crystals, candles, curios, an authentic New Orleans Voodoo pharmacy, Gris-Gris, voodoo dolls, crafted spirit tools, bones and baubles all in a boutique with the largest collection of Spirit Boards in the South.

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