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Palm • Tarot • Bones • Séance • Past Life • Cleansings • Reiki • Energy Work




We strive to help the whole person and a holistic balance of body and soul. Let us even prescribe a personal metaphysical prescription  + steps to follow up with at home. Most of our items are personally hand made just for you. Each of our adept Mystics has a special touch just their own best. We may ask you to trust the spirits advice! Our team is ready to navigate your needs with their spirit guides and yours at the helm.

Let us



In Bloody Mary’s Psychic Day Spa on site

at 828 N. Rampart Street in person or by phone 


​Take advantage of psychic readings at discount prices when you book is as an add on with our tour and then call for a time or perhaps you prefer to pick your favorite psychic adept from a variety of divination styles by appointment by phone, zoom or in person in a private suite. Maybe you deserve your own Psychic Spa-Soul day, in house, or a VIP Psychic Power site field trip!

 We offer multiple style  readings, energy work, folk magic, Cleansings , psychic healing, psychic development,  classes. Chakra balancing, Voodoo spiritual advising , seance and more. Let the work we do, work with you for your “big picture” goals and success to manifest and multiply


Delve deeper into the methods each of our psychic readers have mastered.​


book a private appointment for eclectic psychic styles or choose a combo whole Psychic

Spa Day option. 

Our  30 minute options are one style , one person per session in person or by phone and out shorter version are available for your parties and outings!


 Reserve  our Seance & paranormal Experience, learn and do  psychic connect circle & ghost hunt combo




Voodoo Queen Bloody Mary​

A Local Born Psychic Medium, Ghost Whisperer, Qui Gong Healer, Psychic X-ray, Past lives, Hypnosis, Bone throwin’, Tea leaves and Psychopomp.

Bloody Mary is your Psychic Life coach -celebrity Psychic Medium and Voodoo Mambo Asogwe offering holistic psychic sessions, Qui Gong energy healing, seership and is  a full time priestess. She is an evidential  psychic medium and does Seance and channeling, past life and ancestry work-spiritism style!  Bloody Mary is a licensed hypnotist and Voodoo/Hoodoo ritual consultsant by individual appointments She offers psychic services for groups at psychic parties, weddings and conventions with her hand selected team


As a full rounded Mystic, spiritual healer and certified hypnotherapist, Bloody Mary will consult with spirit guides, angels, ancestors and the Loa directly to help your soul for guidance and healings. As a clairvoyant, clair-sentinent, Bloody Mary may lend prophesy and synthesize through a sort of psychic x-ray which may reveal spiritual, emotional and physical blocks to your spiritual wellbeing so they may be faced.  Lets face the shadow and integrate and embrace the inner child. We also Glimpse into the akashic records and begin transformation and integrate your  past lives


As a teacher  and Life coach she can help you open your own psychic abilities in order to help you heal yourself. Empowerment and teaching are the main goals.  She is a priestess who lives a life of Spiritualism offering help for you to treat the root of the issue as well as the symptoms in order to heal . If your diagnosis requires more than spirit alignment you may be prescribed homework or offered a spirit tool such as a gris-gris, bag, cleansing bath or other further ritual workings.




Bloody Mary is an ordained Mambo Asogwe (priestess) of La Source Ancienne Hounfo in La Nouvelle Orleans of Haitian Voodoo, Voodoo Queen of Creole New Orleans Voodoo, Yaya Nkisi Malongo  of Palo Mayombi, Mamaissi of the RIver , traituer ABH certified and registered hypnotherapist, Traituer (creol cajun healer) ordained minister of Ordo Templo Verdius, Reverend mother of the Universal Church, Knight priest of the Mystic Knighthood of the Crowned Heart, a QiGong and Kuji-In healer of Hindu and Mahayana Buddhist Oriental esoteric traditions, master energy healer, twinned priestess with Foxwood Temple of the Old Religion. Coming  from a Roman Catholic background with three centuries deep New Orleans ancestral roots are pieces that guide the forces in her work. Local Houma Indian and Lakota teachers have also been a part of her studies to deepen the pool of her shamanic contributions with New Orleans Voodoo. Her learning has been an interdisciplinary, deconstructive and reconstructive process from the roots of New Orleans Voodoo and tight by elders and spirt mothers and godparents..


Bloody Mary now offers reservation only, in person, by phone, zoom or email readings for those who seek her psychic healing services. Using her own psychic ability and her connection to the spirits she can lead you to the answers you seek.


Mambo Gina and Shaman Andi are our premier in-house Psychics who work with the Bloody Mary team available  by appointment.

Priestess  Andi

Priestess, Psychic Medium, Bone Throwin’, Palm reader, Reiki, Palm reader, Tarot, & Root Woman, 

Priestess Andi is a gifted psychic,  resident mystid arttistt  Tarot reader, medium,  practicing shaman, conjure woman, root worker, and healer. Andi was born into a line of seers and healers and raised by her grandmother – a spell worker and root woman. Andrea is an initiated New Orleans Voodoo priestess, and a shaman with lineages in Tamang, Bon, Dagara and Quechua and Congo traditions . For 30 years she has worked professionally in the spiritual and mystical realms, using a combination of technique in her psychic readings including crystal healing, reiki, tarot and bone readings, and direct channel. She sees her work as a gift from Spirit and feels a responsibility to use her talents to help others 

Swamp Witch Melissa

Native born, Swamp-raised Native American Houma tribe Tarot Reader and apprentice Shaman.​

Mambo Gina

Our Initiated Voodoo Priestess,  Tarot Reader, Reiki Master,   wedding officiate and Pet Psychic.

Most of our full mediumship readings and psychic healings by Bloody Mary and  team, psychic symposiums and classes are by appointment in advance.


We also  card readings and packages for during business hours and are always happy to assist you with our full array of mystical products .​

“The Spirit of Place, the river and her children of the Swamp blend in heavily with my healing work –

work in the river and on the green at sacred sites. In other words, nature spirit guides and the ancestral.”

– Bloody Mary​ 

“I can help you navigate through rough waters, to calm seas with open sails and seal damages incurred along the way. I am but the hollow bone, a conduit of energy from the source.”

– Bloody Mary​ 

“ this calling is of a shaman, healer, and a seer; one who walks with one foot in each world –

the world of man/woman and the world of Spirit. I see each individual as a river flowing direct from source.

I am able to see where the course of the river has been changed or diverted, and through communication with Spirit and the ancestors am able to help guide them back to the original path.”


Experience our Séance & Paranormal Adventure


 By Reservation Only  $75

Seance, Spiritualism, Psychics and Ghost hunting Combo

Held in the New Orleans Victorian Séance Parlor 

at Bloody Mary’s Haunted Museum at 828 N. Rampart Street

private times  

call now for daily Psychic readings | specialty divinations by appointment​

psychic mediums | past life | tarot | tea | bones | reiki |

qui gong | pet psychic​

consult, clean & clear · banishings · hoodoo · baptisms · love work · weddings


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We dazzle thousands at New Orleans Events and partie. Let us come to liven up your party! Our psychics for hire can come right to you! We plan a full theme party or psychics only  – Party here at Bloody Mary's place or yours! 

You can choose to co-channel and commune with spirits in parties, private sessions or group Séances. A wandering whisperer could psychically mingle in the party and pull a card, inspect a palm, dab on some potion or maybe even offer guest a wish blessing gris-gris! You will always want to include the tried and true traditional psychic table  & We have so many options to add on


​Take advantage of psychic readings at discount prices when you book with your tour resevervaion  for your 30 minute readings perhaps you prefer to pick your favorite psychic adept from a variety of divination styles by appointment by phone , zoom or in person in a private suite. Maybe you the full psychic healings pr even deserve a whole Psychic Spa-Soul day, in house or on localion at a power site or at home by skype or zoom


We offer multiple style medicines, energy healings, folk magic, remedy baths and some psychic life coaching spiritual work. Let the work we do, work with you for your “big picture” goals and successes. And yes, you have to participate so there is homework to continue to clear blocks and move forward.

Choose from Tarot cards, bone throwin', seance,  palm readings, Reiki, Qui Gong & Mediumship coupled with many other mystic methods. When people come for psychic readings and Spiritual work it is usually in crisis situations. Let's try a more preventative medicine approach with our Priestess & metaphysical life coaches to Identify issues- past, present and ancestral. We realign and relieve trauma with uncrossings, banishings and cleansing  in the mix for a   fresh start! 

 You can trust Psychic readings by Bloody Mary and her hand-selected Mediums & Mystics. Are you ready for a Psychic Tune up - whether you just need a quick check up or a complete overhaul, let us advise you. Meet New Orleans best psychics in our full service Metaphysical center, 1 on 1 or group encounters, for intuitive channeling, cleansings, energy work, psychic X-ray, Past lives, hypnosis & soul empowerment sessions. 

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Join a Psychic circle, for a  "Learn & do" spirit connect: Ancestors | Friends | Guides | Past lives  + Ghosts all by reservation only

    Sister Melissa 

Melissa is a native New Orleanian and has both indigenous and Sicilian blood . Her grandmother was the Houma tribe's medicine woman and is Melissa's spirit guide. She shares her intuition through tarot and listens to the whispers of her ancestors. and will have a glimpse at your palm too!

Mambo K.J.




Voodoo Mambo Asogwe K.J. Is your Psychic scribe, She is an automatic wirier and ghost hunter  who will connect  you with spirit . Her spirit guides connect with yours and channels direct messages and  delivers  revealing insights into your situation! Mambo KJ is also a Haitian Mambo  and  does cleaning though Voodoo head washings . She also partners with us for in Bloody Mary New Orleans voodoo house She is a licensed tour guide and owns the Dauphine House B & B which is haunted! (you should stay there)

Angel Seer Juliet RIP


Juliet explored her psychic gifts as a young child but her journey into formal studying the esoteric  arts came later, she needed to know why now she knows! Juliet's unique   and gentle approach is still with her on the other side.She was a Professional Psychic for over twenty years, specializing in Mediumship, Tarot, Channeling, Tea Leaf Readings,  Palmistry and Crystal Ball Readings. Her favorite specialty was Karmic Astrology! Psychic Juliet is an insightful and fascinating journeyman who  passed suddenly in June 2022 with no pain! She said she still wants to work and is still with us now as a true Angel seer. We have a memorial for her in the museum!  She is dearly missed!








Tarot card expert

Psychic Medium, automatic writing,  crystal ball  , Channeling ​+ Voodoo Mambo

Guest Psychic Headliners


Adept teachers and traveling readers join us as special guests for multiple styles divination appointments. in everything from  Faery seership , the old religion,  oracles, Celtic priests, and  healers of all types- Call us to see who visiting us when you are nearfor in our readings or festival events                504-915-7774


Bloody Mary Experience

 Haunted Museum

828 N Rampart St .NOLA 70116



Voodoo Queen Bloody Mary

Mambo Regina is a native born New Orleanian and a Mambo Asogwe in Haitian Voodoo tradition, New Orleans Voodoo priestess, Hoodoo witch, Master reiki healer and animal psychic. She also reads tarot cards and performs some of our wedding services.  She has a background in Strega and is a Yogi.​ too

Priestess Samantha




Our in house New Orleans voodoo priestess  Sammy, is also assistant Haitian Voodoo Hounsi and Trainee Tarot reader might test her skills on you, take a look at your palm bless and wake your voodoo doll or even marry you someday! All is in her realm.