The Bloody Mary Show:

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Bloody Mary's Guide to Hauntings, Horrors and Dancing with the Dead. Discover the New Orleans Ghosts and personal paranormal encounters of Voodoo Queen Bloody Mary. You see an actual inside look at the haunted locales from her new book "Bloody Mary's Guide to Hauntings Horrors and Dancing with the Dead"...

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The Bloody Mary Show: Episode 2

 This video is an inside look at the famous New Orleans spirit of Julie, New Orleans Naked Ghost. See inside the French Quarter house where she lives. She is a classic, famous New Orleans Ghost story. Get real Behind the scenes paranormal info from those who have lived with her spirit throughout the years plus an Interview by Bloody Mary with author and roommate Glenette.

The Bloody Mary Show:

Episode 3


Fairies, Ghosts & The Dead: Enter the Spirit realm with Orion Foxwood Fairy Seer, author & conjureman and Bloody Mary Voodoo Queen author & Swamp Witch. We do a spirit talk, spirit walk through the forest with nature beings, then we come back to stir up some Kitchen Witchin'.


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 I am woman and I am spirit. You may call me though the mirror, but meet me in the flesh; I am teacher & spirit guide.


Born on the bayou, Bloody Mary was raised in the Crescent City. She grew up to be a profound priestess who also serves her hometown of New Orleans as a Culture bearer, tradition keeper or "Griot" as well as psychopomp (“guide of souls”) and ghost whisperer. Mary is a fearless enthusiast about her home town and all of its history, heritage and mysticism. She is a known publicly as Vodoo Queen, storyteller, celebrity historian, author, psychic medium, ghost hunter and owner of the famous Bloody Mary's Tours - an Avant-garde Boutique tour company for over 20 years.


Bloody Mary is also the curator of the notorious Haunted Museum and Voodoo Pharmacy Spirit shop at 826 N. Rampart Street which receives international acclaim.


You will see her on TV and cinema featured on hundreds of international documentaries about the other side of her hometown. See her and her famous haunted houses on Paranormal Lockdown, Buzzfeed Unsolved, Haunted History and Ghost Adventures... Check out her om TikTok and her YouTube channel too!​

Bloody Mary is an 11th generation Creole whose family came to New Orleans in 1718. She is Voodoo Queen in New Orleans’ Voodoo tradition, Mambo Asogwe in Haitian Voodoo and YaYa in Palo "reglaes de Congo". She is also Mamiissi  (a river pritestess), Hoodoo teacher and Swamp Witch. As a true mystic, she combines her abilities as Shaman, Mambo,  Queen, YaYa and Spiritism Psychic into all aspects of her life.


As an artist, Mary designs her work with an empath's heart, a historian's detail and a researcher's mind. Her Psychic abilities have always lent second sight into all aspects of her work. Her root work and Hoodoo help hel the lives and afterlives around her. Add impeccable storytelling, ritual execution and, of course, paranormal investigations with spirit connections, and these gifts magnify a well-rounded technique that she shares with her visitors. Each blessing guides her to unearth old knowledge which enhance her scholarly pursuits; this psychic knowledge works in tandem with avid research creating a unique and holistic approach to understanding her hometown of New Orleans and the unseen worlds we live within.

Bloody Mary's book
Voodoo Books

Hauntings, Horrors, and Dancing with the Dead

True stories from the Voodoo Queen of New Orleans

Bloody Mary

 Voodoo: Conjure & Sacrifice

Photos by Justice Howard

Writings by Voodoo Queen

Bloody Mary 

Bloody Mary's bestselling book Hauntings, Horrors and Dancing with the Dead met with rave reviews. That once secret psychopomp and spirit guide side of Bloody Mary is shared with the world in this book. The book itself, released in 2016 by Weiser Publishing, is reported to be haunted.

In 2018, Schiffer Publishing released Voodoo: Conjure and Sacrifice with photo art by Justice Howard and writings by Voodoo Queen Bloody Mary. This new book received praise raves once again about the brilliant mixture of photographic art of Justice Howard and the stimulating banter of Bloody Mary to wake up your mystic side.


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Mambo Asogwe (priest) of La Source Ancienne Oumfor en La Nouvelle Orleans​

Queen Bishop of Les Salon L'Esprit de Verite​

New Orleans Voodoo Cabildo Est. 1999

Mammissi: Priestess of the River 

 Maman You and Mami Wata

Knight Priest of the Mystic Knighthood of the Crowned Heart​ (Master Kunji-en Qi-Gong)

Twinned Celtic Priestess of Foxwood Temple of the Old Religion​

YaYa Nkisi in Palo "Regales de Congo"

and Spirtismo

 Hoodoo master teacher & preserver

Swamp Witch- (Shaman Mystic Healer traituer​)

American Board of Hypnotherapy​

Bloody Mary is my chosen pen name and one of my priestess names. But there are many answers to the question Why?


For the record, I don’t drink blood and I don't drink Bloody Marys, nor do I engage in blood sacrifice. On the surface, the name “Bloody Mary” conjures the ideas of darkness or danger. As a Shaman and anthropological researcher, I have indeed studied the macabre and multifaceted historical beliefs surrounding blood and the thoughts that it invokes.



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“Bloody Mary” is a name that many young ladies come to fear as they approach their own mirror. You may know it as a “game” of sorts: girls chant “Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary...” into a mirror waiting to see if she appears. And she does. I can't tell you how many teenagers have called to me and invited me from all over the world. Some contact by email, begging me not to hurt them, some prank call me. Sometimes I play along, sometimes I explain it to them logically; it all depends on my mood.

Bloody Mary in itself is the sometimes-frightening prospect of reaching adulthood. This name I adopted invokes fear, intrigue and hope. I am a healer by trade, but at the same time my Voodoo and psychic energies make some fearful or hesitant. This name is very fitting. It doesn’t hurt that my bloodline is connected to Queen Mary I, also known as Bloody Mary, either.​

I am Collateral descen to Queen Mary I (a.k.a. Bloody Mary) and a direct descendant of Robert the Bruce, Templar King, as well as the Stewarts of the time from my matriarchal lineage. My family tree branched to New Orleans, this French territory, in the 1720's bringing along their Pict, Scottish, German, Polska, Romani, Gypsy, and French heritage.


It seems even a little Native American made it in through the Pointe Coupee, Plaquemine area of Louisiana when my ancestors first arrived in Louisiana. They later moved to the plantation areas in the now known as 'Cajun country' of White Castle, Donaldsonville, St. Gabriel, Iberville,  Ascension and then to Orleans Parish areas around River Road.​


Like many buisness people they had a town house in the city and stayed in  New Orleans proper as the years passed, moving from dual country city life to their townhouses permanently


My great grandmother and great, great nanny and “Memi” lived on St. Anne between Rampart and Burgundy street late 1880’s. Just across the street from the famed Marie Laveau cottage. Memi knew her well. Nanny had five children who were all delivered at that home by a local midwife. Marie Laveau was a local midwife and she very well might have had a hand in birthing some of my ancestors. It may have been Marie Philomene Laveau by that point in 1885 but it's possible at least one of that trinity was involved.​

My grandma told me about Marie Laveau. She remembered her with awe and fear. She was only a little girl when her grandma told her, but she told the tales and passed them down to us. Grandma grew up and made voodoo dolls, gave us ritual baths filled with Florida water and made sure the bottoms of the trees were painted white.


My Native American, French and Italian blood comes from my grandfather’s side of the family: the Plaquemine Trosclair’s. Originally, “Troxler” from the European area of Alsace/Lorraine. They moved Louisiana in 1718, in the River parishes of St. James and Ascension.

Swamp Magic is New Orleans, and the Mississippi River is our mother and foremost I am her Avatar, her voice. I teach that we all have the potential to see with more than our eyes, hear with more than our ears, and part of my destiny is to help others to realize that potential. I believe in living in and exploring the uncharted waters found deep within the river of the heart and soul. Everything is an adventure of spirit and experience including all my tours, workshops and psychic services. There is no better place to discover spirits than right here in New Orleans where I, indeed, am your spirit guide.​


I was born and raised Roman Catholic and my mother was a St. Joseph nun before she married my dad, so I come from a rich spiritual Catholic background. I also have many natural psyhics in my family and our prophetic dreams seem heriditary

 The Catholic Saints are still a very important part of my work and healings. The syncretism of Saints within Voodoo mysteries have been relevant here since the 1700's. The multi-cultural mix and racial diversity within Voodoo is also a unique part of New Orleans Voodoo - Here black and white together, along with local Native American contributions are historic and important factors to understand and honor.


I also teach voodoo, hoodoo and spirit connection of throughout the other side of the mirror in New Orleans, in books and  in over 200 documentaries worldwide to enlighten and pass the magic of New Orleans Voodoo to all.​


Hollywood gives voodoo an evil twist, for evil sells! There have always been those in EVERY religion who let power corrupt them to the dark side. My job is to help balance the light & dark, to heal and to teach the truth. The sacred storyteller was known as the Griot in Africa, like the bard of the Celts, remember the power of sound is an ancient one and a large part of what I do for the living and the dead.​


-Bloody Mary

Eventually time help move them across the river to the Bayou Goula, White Castle and Plaquemines areas. Commerce and trade up the river put their town houses in the French Quarter of New Orleans.


It is interesting that genealogical searches have revealed that both sides of my family had business connections or lived next door to each other since the 1700's!​


It seems that even the descendants of the one slave Troxlers had during colonial times was still connected in the 20th century too. I recall “Peters,” a wonderful old  man who my grandma was always praising.

I knew him as a child, when he was working for my grandparents. It turns out he was a descendant of the 1 solitare family slave from early 1800's.  The French/German end were not much on owning slaves. Peters forebears and this elder Trosclair tilled the fields side by side and shared the same house.​


Much to my grandma’s chagrin, my momma married a Yankee! That added Irish, English and Polish to the brew. Polish Gypsy and a bit of Eastern Euro Carpathian  Mountain  magic trickles  in. (so some vampires too I guess LOL I heard that dam yankee word my whole life, especially when I moved from here and escaped to New York. I was confused on why something that occurred so long ago still mattered to my grandmas mind.  Now I know.

New Orleans whole history changed when the turn of the twentieth century neared. a mass exodus and a bit of New Orleans Voodoo left with that Diaspora.  I understand even more , in part, to the voices from the past spirits whispering in my ear. The history taught in most American schools do not shed the light on the entireity of the Civil War. Even many of the New Orleans history books were written from the American only viewpoint.​ Slavery is always oppression no matter how you slice it; there were layered issues to every war & here an entire Creole culture suffered. We are still seeing the reprocussions of hate and racial injustuce today. New Olreans had many  Afician American  ot technically African Creole historic "firsts"  here and a proud peoples and hopefully we will stand tall NOW  to show how black lives matter. 

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 Along the way I became one with swamp magic, trees and nature spirits that were whispering in my ear. A bit of plantation voodoo and swamp monsters  came out to play. My mother was a St. Joseph nun before she married my dad. I came from a  Catholic background, yet Voodoo was infused with Folk CatholIcism here and in many of our customs. Even as a child, I passed ghost stories along in the night to my friends. We used our New Orleans cemeteries as playgrounds as we watched out parents shed a tear as they tended to the tombs .

By the time I was in high school, spirits came knocking regularly on my bedroom door and I was leading ghost hunts for the neighborhood gang, ironically to some of the same places I take people to today!


During my college years I escaped to New York and escorted many back here to the hidden side of my spirited home and, after many careers in the public eye, I found my true calling. The spirit world and New Orleans is home.​​

As a small child I saw spirits, I had dreams that were more than just dreams. Astral travel was part of my life before I knew the words to describe it. The power of prayer produced results and many situations seemed to take care of themselves naturally with simple thoughts. The overload of spirit activity especially after escaping New Orleans had, at some points, got so intense that I needed to sever communication with spirits, or so i thought; What I really need to so was to set boundaries. It seemed safer to try to stop the overload but ... I closed one door, only to open another. Then I focused on energy healing, folk magic, or hoodoo, and psychic development.​


I also pursued a fully expressed fun, physical life that college had to offer. which I had already expessed quite well in my home town (LOL)


My New Orleans  homecoming was a barrage of messages and a bevy of ghosts welcoming my return, with Voodoo Spirits calling the loudest. Though, I had known about voodoo since I was a small child, I had not truly  initiated until I returned home. Adjustments and learning on how to filter and fine tune my psychic abilities allowed my mediumship to grow. Now I had a small psychic baby and dived directly into studies and apprenticeship to raise him right and bring out to his full potential. 

 We did more intense herbal studies to heal, more trance sessions so we could journey together, and more Ancestral counseling commenced so the family knowledge could be a part of it all. My son Jagger and I learned much together.​​ This proved a slow but steady process. I have had many apprenticeships from various trainers, priestesses and priests from many paths. Soon I too, became the teacher.


Balance and grounding are a necessity; this is one important thing I teach. It is much easier to open the door to our innate psychic abilities than to control and balance it all.

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To walk both sides of the veil is a tightrope act that requires great skill and divine grace, I was blessed to be granted just that.


Speaking with the spirits is a natural gift, and I am privileged to share teachings and messages received to you in tours, workshops, ceremonies and psychic healing sessions.​

I also guest lecture at Tunlane and Loyola Univesiety, It is interesteing theta  the many classes I present to interdisoplinarian curricurriculum- Voodoo is exactly that!

I also guest lecture at Tulane University and Loyola. It is interesting that many of classes to which I have spoken are the interdisciplinary curriculum - Voodoo is exactly that. I am an initiated Haitian Voodoo Priestess (mambo) from my Haitian Papa Edgar and Mamno Sallie Ann Glassman. I'm a New Orleans Voodoo Queen, handed down from Queen Margret and Queeen Rose beifre her.. have been given the title by both state and by the spirit to perform weddings, baptisms, funerals and everything in between.

My previous Queen did not have children that followed in her footsteps and no daughters it was arranged iby spirit vision inittiation and flesh follwed by a transfer of power so hold her asson and the curtain! There can be a new  special spirit reawakening now, one that existed when new things off the boat mixed and worked together and traded. My job is to bring that back, to soothe hate, to heal through stories, to teach respect of the ancestors and the importance of redeeming our past. Never has this been more important than right now with the Post-Katrina, Post-Covid, & Black Lives matter times.  It has to be!

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Meet Bloody Mary

Born and raised as a “Delta Babe” and grown to become known as “the Cultural Diva,” “the Ultimate Insider” and specifically “The Poet Priestess of the Spirit of New Orleans,” Bloody Mary is a true spokeswoman of her hometown and an elegant, modern Southern Belle.​

Paranormal Blue Book - New Orleans Cemetaries
Paranormal Blue Book - Spirit Guide to New Orleans

Paranormal Bluebook:

New Orleans Cemeteries

by author and photographer

Bloody Mary  

 Paranormal Bluebook:

Spirit Guide to New Orleans

by author and photographer

Bloody Mary  

Download the digital PDF of Bloody Mary's photography book New Orleans Paranormal Bluebook, a collection of Paranormal Pictorials in Cities of the Dead.​ Only $5.99


Discover Graveyards and Ghosts, Architecture and Anomalies. Purchase now!

Download the digital PDF of Bloody Mary's photography book New Orleans Paranormal Bluebook, Spirit Guide to New Orleans.​​ Only $5.99


"Here is an inside look to the other side of New Orleans, her Cities of the Dead, her mystical practices and her people- flesh, blood and other."

"..Holy Mary Mother of God.

This is amazing. I love it."


Meet Bloody Mary


However, with  these family remembrances of early 20th century issues and newly acquired academic knowledge of the Creole plight, I understand more of the big picture.


These things had a profound effect on the history of New Orleans, cultural development and even Voodoo — and not just in the way you might think. For example: Did you know Americans even made the language of French illegal to speak here in the late 19th and early 20th century?​

Paranormal Blue Book - Spirit Guide to New Orleans