Did you know you can you can buyout our entire 13 room venue and Creole courtyard for your

 "Night at the Haunted museum"


Let us plan a small party or event in one of our 4 private parlors

 for your supernatural affair.


Seance Parlor

Queens Chamber

Tea & Tarot Psychic suite

Voodoo Parlor






Private Party Parlors

Call to plan!!

Sneak Peek:

Party possibilities are other worldly 


Ideas on what  you and your guests can experience: Ghost hunts,  Seance, Retreats, Psychic readings, ceremonies, Voodoo workshops, Dvination station  & more  with Bloody Mary  as your priestess and your hostess. with  her  Psychic krewe of mystics and culture bearers- real authentic locals not just actors!


Choose one of our 4 small  suites


Or the Super Soirre


 Flow through the whole

 Haunted museum