NOLA Paracon - Your Paranormal convention that starts at home! Get the Bloody Mary Tour App, join a Virtual Haunted Possessions Contest. Hear special guests Nick Groff, Bloody Mary speak & get free pop-up classes from now until... NOLA Paracon in NOLA dates pending: 06|21. 22. 23

Join us for NOLA ParaCon 2020 - your paranormal convention that starts at home! Get your virtual tour APP, tune in to pop -up presentations and enter our Virtual "Most Haunted" possessions contest today! Featuring Special Guest Nick Groff w Bloody Mary New Orleans NOLA Para-Con Haunted Musuem NOLA

Mardi Gras Voodoo Garage Sale Rocks as the Barkus Dog Parade Rolls! Come party at Haunted Museum NOLA Feb 16. 2020 12:30

Mardi Gras Voodoo Garage Sale Rocks as Barkus Dog Parade Rolls! Haunted Museum 828 N. Rampart Street New Orleans. February 16th 12:30-6:00 Oddiites | Vintage | Costumes | Talks | Art | Psychics | Voodoo

Paranormal Survival tips for your Haunted Holiday

Let Voodoo Queen Bloody Mary share her simple Paranormal secrets on ghost hunting for your haunted holidays in New Orleans and anywhere else you seek to connect

FEAR is a 4 letter word! NEW ORLEANS NIGHTMARES ... and things that go Bump in the Night! Free Paranormal sharing group-Mondays Monthly at Haunted Museum

Share your Ghost story to like minded people with a paranormal expert facilitator at your side! Join for free monthly group session for New Orleans Nightmares and things that go bump in the night! Bloody mary and other priestess/share with you

Ghost Writers: Voodoo Queens, archivists & Hollywood Moguls help ghost of Delphine Lalaurie become a star

Ghost writers agree Delphine Lalaurie's Ghost is star material as her dark side story from books by Voodoo queens, archivists and Hollywoods finest light up the big screen in a new horror film to shoot in NOLA 2020.


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