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Our Psychic Party Design Styles Rock!

Bloody Mary’s gifted psychic readers will rock your Psychic Party! Let our “Best Event Pick” winners come to your intimate house party or big convention. Psychics add mystery to any event and a Bloody Mary Psychic Party offers the perfect options for you. Let us create an atmosphere to match your party style, whether it’s a small house party, themed event, spouse program, office incentive gift or an entire convention event.​

We can station readers throughout your venue, offer strolling mystics, or set up one-on-one readings in a private area. We will match you with the right psychics to match your event. Perhaps Bloody Mary herself can host your party with a group co-channel ancestral working and recreate a real Séance parlor right in the center of your event. Palm readers, tarot readers, bone readers and mediums all come and channel answers for you.

Many methods are used, and techniques can even be explained in a snappy supernatural symposium spirit lecture to start the Psychic Party on the right foot and rally all your guests together for a group mind connection – it’s all up to you!


Call to plan options with Bloody Mary directly. Ask about our psychic group options too.​

Strolling Psychics

Psychic Readers


We can wander and stop a few of your guests if we have a message to deliver from the spirits or they can stop us if they have a question to ask. We will dab on potions for love or for money to get the conversation going but we keep on mingling and spread the magic.​

Tarot or Bone readers set up at their own stations waiting to answer for your one or two burning questions.


Ask us the questions you really need the answer to!​

Have a goal, a wish, a wonder? We will state it to the universe and through your voodoo priestess, she will help you set it in to motion. Manifestation awaits as we wander to find you; whisper your secret wish and we shall advise you on how to and help you get it to come true!​

Team-Building Psychic Development Classes

Co-Channelling with Bloody Mary

Paranormal Pop-up: A Haunted Museum To-Go

Psychic abilities are invaluable in every workplace. Classes or workshops are great for team building at your party or special event. Learn to open to the spirit worlds and channel information waiting there. Psychic protection is a part of this working and we can help build a shield to protect you.​

Get into trance for an Astral Journey to other side with Bloody Mary. Experience a guided group mediation to connect with your ancestors as she lifts the veil so you can see and feel the spirit connection.


Learn how to ground, how to let go and channel, and how to return.​

Plan a paranormal party in one of the numerous New Orleans haunted buildings or let it come to you. We can connect and bring our paranormal pop-up haunted museum.


Add Psychics, Ghost Hunters, a paranormal activity table and even a ghost photo gallery. There can be a how-to table with investigators, strolling spirit storytellers and dramatic decor to fit the mood.​


When several people are grounded and connected, then we call on your ancestors, friends or foe, to see what they have to say. You may bring an object of the deceased or a picture to help the process if you like. We are not calling Elvis, unless he was your cousin. We try to keep this serious; it can be fun at the same time. More often séance and mediumship is emotional, and some people cry when we connect, sometimes they laugh, but it is all a great catharsis.

Mediums can either wait at a group table for collective connection work or private séances are possibilities where we come to you to set up a pop-up paranormal séance.


We feature the Victorian visual of a séance: sitting around a round table holding hands, table-tipping and summoning ethereal manifestations recreated in the flesh for you (it’s up to the ghosts if they show). This is still as much of a valid way of connecting with the other side today as it was historically in old New Orleans. When group minds collect together to connect with a loved one it is still a wonderful way to contact the other side. We recreate this paranormal glamour atmosphere of yesteryear here and now privately at the Spirit Realm for your personal mediumship needs. We also pop-up paranormal and travel with our wares to your special event or psychic party.​

Bloody Mary will rally a group of her talented psychics together

to answer some of the questions about your guest’s pasts, presents or futures.​​

Psychics add mystery to any event.

Psychics add mystery to any event.

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