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"Bloody Mary:

New Orleans

Cultural Diva!"

-CNN 2004​

"A Premier Paranormal Experience."

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"Scholarly and scintillating."

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Private Tours



We design fabulous Private tours just for you! Book now and let us customize a memorable journey of culture, mystery, mayhem, spirits and magic. Peruse the fantastic private tours we have already mastered or create something brand new. Walking tours, luxury van tours, carriage tours or any combination of our progressive outings make your insider’s experience of New Orleans one-of-a-kind!​ Call us to create your memorable experience.​ All options ready to book for after April 12!

Take a virtual Bloody Mary Tour from home! Try a Voodoo Paranormal New Orleans Experience Now and get the APP! Enjoy a over an hour's worth of haunted history from your own home and support small business too! BUY NOW! Psychic services by phone  and check our at home Voodoo Paranormal Pop-Ups with free virtual instagram classes and  join Bloody Mary New Orleans Youtube channel for more at home secrets! When in New Orleans enjoy our extraordinary small group city, cemetery and ghost tours. We are on hiatus for tours in New Orleans till April 12th! 


Now featuring at home New Orleans Supernatural outings, inside Haunted Parties just for you! Throw an unforgettable birthday bash or virtual paranormal party from inside my Haunted Museum or maybe in my voodoo temple! Plan Voodoo rituals, psychic readings by phone, spiritual services or maybe even learn to ghost hunt & make a Voodoo doll. You might try some candle magic, get a little love boost, plan your own Psychic Party or book a real Séance! We can plan your own at home supernatural affair just for you with Bloody Mary now! 504-915-7774

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Join us for nightly Paranormal Investigation Ghost Hunting! Be a part of the best small group experience seven nights a week and create your own private Ghost Hunt inside our 200-year-old haunted house, at your own home, or in multiple locations on our Combo City/Cemetery Tour and Ghost Hunts. Click to discover details!


Paranormal Evidence:

voices, video and photo

Let's Share! Post your spirit evidence right here with us! Did you capture something strange when we did a ghost hunt, tour or psychic reading? Submit it and we may publish your proof on the official Ghost Gallery! We encounter anomalous evidence every day on and off site, all throughout New Orleans and especially in our own Haunted Museum. 


Voodoo Pharmacy & Metaphysical Store

New Orleans


Bloody Mary


Voodoo Hoodoo


Learn a little about the backstory of this mysterious city New Orleans and its historic roots, deep rooted in tragedy and triumph. There are many reasons why we are America's most haunted city!


Bloody Mary's writings about her hometown give insight to the experiences you can book!

Bloody Mary's tour operation, Voodoo Troop, Haunted Museum and shop are not only a woman-owned business collaborative but also a family-run company.


Meet the collaborative and talented spirit team that will help create your experience and conduct your tours to contact the other side of New Orleans.

Voodoo is a religion and a way of life for millions worldwide. New Orleans has her own Voodoo tradition. Bloody Mary is proud to uphold it here in her hometown while serving the Spirits.


Learn about Voodoo and the mysterious power of Hoodoo, the folk magic practices surrounding the religion. 

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Crystals • Curios • Candles • Jewelry • Mystic Art • Bones • Baubles • Conjure Corner • Potions • Powders

Dolls • Charms • Tarot • Ouija • Gris-gris • T-shirts • Handmade Spirit Tools

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Receptions, elopements, weddings, romantic ceremonies and couples' rituals are a blossoming addition to Bloody Mary's party and celebration planning services. Lovers of all kinds can make their fantasy romance come true with the help of Bloody Mary!


& Love Rituals

Discover authentic New Orleans Voodoo and Hoodoo with full private classes or retreats from the Voodoo Queen of New Orleans, Bloody Mary.


Check out the options online and stop by daily for pop-up classes. Look for our festivals and monthly special event classes open to the public to join.

 Mystic Classes 

 & Workshops 

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Psychic Readings

& Spiritual Work

Bloody Mary offers a team of psychic experts who specialize in reading tarot cards, runes, palms, and bones. Energy healing, reiki, and Séance are offered at the Psychic Spa for a private experience or as part of a party.


Our mediums and mystics await you.

"For a deep insight into a unique culture, please let me introduce you to my hometown, where my bloodline has been since 1718.


Bloody Mary New Orleans offers public and private small group tours, cemetery and ghost tours, custom outings, immersive cultural explores, Voodoo workshops, weddings, and Ghost Hunts; plus Ritual, Séance and Psychic services. Choose from a wide variety of urban adventures designed to satisfy even the most discerning palates.

All Bloody Mary New Orleans ghost tours and cultural explores are by reservation only to ensure quality. We have a full-service brick ‘n mortar with The Haunted Museum & Spirit Shop.


We are a woman-owned, local family-run business. This is our life. We are proud to stand apart from the upstarts you can find waiting on the street corners."

-Bloody Mary


Walk-in Daily Tarot Readings | $45 and up

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specialty readings • healings • spiritual work

by appointment only

...and more!


You Dress 'em, We Bless 'em.

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