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Voodoo Rituals build Energy & can be the Life of the Party!


Whether it’s your birthday, anniversary, wedding or you just want to bestow a blessing upon a new chapter in your life, energizing it with Voodoo ritual with Bloody Mary and honoring the spirits is a great choice.

A one-on-one personal ritual or a full fledge ritual with song and drum is the perfect road to success.​


Voodoo Rituals begin with the beat of the drums to call you to attention as Bloody Mary invokes the spirits.

Let this New Orleans Voodoo Queen entrance you with invocations, storytelling, ritual gestures, awakening the power of the herbs, charging the sacred ve-ve and maybe adding the snake dance to call spirits near. These are just a few of the ways to mesmerize and entrance you.​

We may simply call up a few New Orleans ghosts and your personal spirits to come and join the dance in ritual, bless your group project with success or delve deeper into history and mysteries of New Orleans.

Honor the Loa with Bloody Mary Voodoo Rituals. Consult with Bloody Mary so the dedication of your event matches the best spirit in charge to ensure an authentic & fabulous event.​

Meet & Greet Voodoo

The Voodoo Table

A Touch of Voodoo

Perhaps you would prefer a more subtle Voodoo for your event. We can have Strolling Voodoo Priestesses giving blessings, dabbing your guests with Love Potion Number 9 or answering their voodoo questions. It is your choice; it is your party. Let us add some spiritual and cultural nuances to make it New Orleans style!


Our Voodoo Priestess will enchant your guests, share a few secret spells along the way and grant a boon or two! We have psychics that read cards and priestess that read your soul.​


The Information Center


Unsure if all your guests will be as intrigued by Voodoo as others? Letting the timid make their way to us, we set up at a table and show-and-tell objects on decorated Voodoo goodie bags. We will be there to set the tone, to bless the group and to grant a boon or two. We will be set up for individual voodoo ritual blessings at a table for guests to explore individually at their leisure.


Our priestess awaits you to come for a blessing. Voodoo spiritual advice tables or an elaborate altar can be designed just for you.

Learn New Orleans Voodoo history and mystery with a full lecture and small Voodoo energy blessings. When you want more of a presentation, how about a Voodoo history lecture with drumming background beats, group blessings, and more? Enjoy small ritual and Voodoo history lectures by Bloody Mary in a multimedia presentation.


“We can bless your honorary guests and VIPS, dedicating your party spiritually with a small and significant ceremony designed just for your needs. Birthdays, anniversaries or new projects need to be kicked off with the right spirits at your side! Let us help set the tone.

Entertaining, authentic, and fascinating!”

-Bloody Mary


Theme Party:

Dancing with the Dead Voodoo Style

Full Voodoo Ritual: Drummers, Dancers and Voodoo Queens!​

Everyone loves Le Morte, a.k.a The Dead.


Everyone can have fun if they Dance with the Dead! Let this Voodoo family of the ancestors come out to your party. Remember that Death is actually always known to be the Life of the Party. Honor Le Morte and the the Ghede family and see what pops up!​​

Your place or ours. Voodoo is a musical religion and a danced religion. Let us come and bless you and your event. We shall call upon the right spirit for the job. We will come with Voodoo décor and altars themed just for you. Let the Voodoo Queen plan your ritual event. A ritual can start our party and new venture on the right foot, whether it is a birthday, launching a new product, or celebrating an anniversary. Calling on the right Voodoo spirits to attend can make a huge difference! Let us plan the full event from food to fun to Voodoo décor and proper ritual decorum to call the spirits. We can bring as many or as few as you would like to celebrate the spirits: Voodoo initiates, drummers, dancers, and of course ‘Le spirit. ​​


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