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Will you encounter one

of our 13 in-house ghosts?​

Over a dozen ghosts reside in the Creole cottages here on Rampart street, but you may encounter others on your visit from the spirits attached to the haunted possessions  inside!


Bloody Mary and her Haunted Attractions can be seen on television shows including Ghost Adventures, expedition X, A Haunting,  Paranormal Lockdown, and Buzzfeed: Unsolved +


Bloody Mary has been the featured expert about the spirit side of New Orleans in over 2000 documentaries worldwide.

Bloody Mary New Orleans: Fans of all ages!


As a pioneer in her field, Bloody Mary opened America’s first Ghost Photo Gallery in the French Quarter, New Orleans, beginning in 1999 which unfortunately closed at Hurricane Katrina. It then moved to her private chambers  pr pop-ups where her fans caught glimpses of it on network television shows like Oddities, A Haunting, NatGeo, Ghost Adventures or on private ghost hunts.


You can now see Bloody Mary's  infamous paranormal collection! She collects the supernatural and shares them now with visitors and locals. Some of the objects even belonged to the Great Voodoo Queen Marie Laveau! Come visit all this and see her secret ‘supernatural collection’ all under one roof at The Haunted Museum, 826 & 828 N. Rampart in the French Quarter.


Join author, TV celebrity, and Voodoo Queen Bloody Mary at her notorious New Orleans Haunted Museum to experience tours by day and After hours Ghost hunts and Senace by night PLUS  Psychic and city explores to go beyond. Meet 826 & 828  N. Rampart Street in the French Quarter. Open 7 days a week + after hours events!

• See Haunted collections, haunted history and the Occult

 • Face the Haunted Doll nursery with paranormal activity

•  Feel The  New Orleans Séance parlor & Ghost Photo gallery

•  Connect at the Marie Laveau shrine  & voodoo altars

• Relax in a Spectacular Creole courtyard w  3, 200 yr old buildings

• Shop a Voodoo pharmacy spirit shop, Psychic spa  & secret attic!

•  Search for the 13+ resident ghosts of our 200 year old haunted house.

• Join after Hours ghost hunts, Seance, Psychic parties & Voodoo wedding

•  Experience the tragic tale of true crime and Katrina of Zack and Addie




Explore the supernatural side of New Orleans History and see how to connect with ghosts inside a 200-year-old historic Haunted House &  Voodoo Spirit Shop

Museum opens @12:00pm

 $13 on site | $10 online​ 

Free museum with After hours Ghost hunts & Combo ghost & cemetery tours: Friday thru Monday & custom event

7pm-9:15pm Sat & Sun Seance + ghost hunt in senace parloe

 Midnight ghost hunts Sat & Sun 10:45 pm-12:45  $89 + Private customs 7 nights all one location or in multiple haunted houses


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Nothing is rigged.

No animatronics.

No special effects.

Its up to the spirits if they want to communicate. When you are ready to face the paranormal possibilities and the history behind it all, this is the place for an authentic experience. 


Mission: To teach and communicate with the psirits explore the superbatural Let's “protect and connect” the paranormal and normal worlds together !


“Let’s preserve New Orleans history, customs, landmarks, and folk magic, promote spirit rights, and communicate with the other side together.”

-Bloody Mary​

Walk in Museum tours​ every day + special after hours events every night!

   + Bonus Free APP tour