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If you want hands-on memories for your guests try our unique Voodoo activity stations! Make your own Voodoo dolls- Get your Gris-Gris. Your Priestess awaits to assist you to bulid a doll- "you dress em we bless em" .  Start with our priestess made Louisiana moss starter dolls and recreate them just for you: more money, increased love, good health, travel, protection and more. 


 Maybe add  Gris-gris or Mojo bags  and dab on some potions too. Ask about other custom hands on hoodoo we can add for you! This is not your regular event planners hire; this is the real deal with teachers and priestess from inside the box.  You deserve  the "tried and true" adepts to come create with you.

Specialty Voodoo Activity Tables

If there is one more thing that New Orleans is famous for that we have not mentioned yet, it is Music. New Orleans jazz, blues, funk, rock and her own hybrid styles. We can hire full second line jazz bands that dance us through the streets or a triad of voodoo drummers and many other things in between. The possibilities are plentiful.

Music is magic and New Orleans is filled with both. We have a variety of live bands and a few DJ’s to help you dance the night away!​

Marvelous Musicians

Specialty Horror Caricature Artist​

Let’s find your inner Monster.


Psychically attuned to match the personality of each guest, our specialty artist brings out the inner child from within.


Is it dark or is it light – only the artist knows for sure…​

New Orleans has no shortage of incredible food, whether we party inside one of New Orleans top rated restaurants or have the best Creole caterers come to us in a clandestine location, the foodie in you will be well satisfied. Bloody Mary is an expert at historic and mystic themed keepsake menus too!​

Fabulous Food

We have real artists from the streets of the French Quarter all the way to the depths of Downtown's up and comings to help us decorate for you. You want realism so use our organic, handmade and surprising eclectic decor and drama for your event. We can do plain and simple too.​

Dramatic Decor



We have an entire line up of gifted psychic mediums for your event. Psychic readers wait for you at a table or they mingle with the crowd to probably a more casual prediction or we can create a divination station. We have our own psychic network to make your party a success. Check out more in our psychic party listings!​

Costumed Entertainers

Paranormal Activity Table

Meet and greet our Krewe. We can have them as stationed history keepers ready to reveal thier truths or as roving  revelers. Everyday is Halloween in New Orleans & Everyday is Mardi Gras. Well that’s not quite true, but it is true that all year long you will see people sporting a costume in their own particular theme and making a party. We have  unique cultural historic revelers: Mardi Gras Indians, Baby Dolls, Skul and bones gangs, Barons in top hats, Drag queens and Voodoo queens with a vampire dotted here and there too - so join in the regalia or hire us to bring  them to bling up your event!


Many villains and vixens run through the pages of New Orleans history might still meet and greet your guests and entertain them with tales of true. Perhaps Pirate Jean Lafitte, Vampira Madame Delphine LaLaurie, maybe the mysterious Voodoo Queen Marie Laveau- all can come, or just a few…​

If you think the spirits of New Orleans won’t come out for a party in New Orleans, then you don’t know New Orleans Ghosts. What you liked in life you stil like in afterlifr ! 


Our spirits are still the life of the party.


Check out our Ghost Hunting device stations. Examine historic and modern methods of checking on the supernatural with some hands-on paranormal tools and supernatural psychic connection devices to use.


We could share 19th century paranormal games to break the ice and call the spirits near and some 21st century counterparts near. Set up some paranormal evidence displays, ghost photos and dabble in some EVP'S too.​

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