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We can create your own private Ghost Hunt or Séance customized just for you and your guests – at Bloody Mary’s Haunted Museum or at your own home* or venue of choice.


*Remember, we do house blessing and spiritual advice consults discreetly just for you.​



Experience the Victorian-style for a different look at the spirits around us.


Sundays @ 6pm. By Reservation Only.​ $66 per person.


Located at the Haunted Museum, 828 N. Rampart Street.

Bloody Mary designs Ghost Hunts as both paranormal investigation workshops and adventures utilizing new and old school paranormal methods. Learn our special “how-to’s” with Bloody Mary’s own field-tested method, “Voodoo Paranormal.”​


 “Various Psi methods are explored in our process. Through utilizing a series of psychic and scientific methods we examine the paranormal activity of a place, person or thing. We identify the source and proceed to soothe and balance the situation. Through communication and assistance designed to help all parties (the living and the dead) we try to find a harmonious resolution to any disruptions occurring. Individual analysis is shared.”

-Bloody Mary


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Experience a mix of old and new school paranormal techniques in Bloody Mary’s Ghost Hunts and Spirit Vigils. Blending a bit of ceremonial, psychihc, folk magic, spiritual, séance, Voodoo ritual and modern ITC technology together, and you are doing Bloody Mary's Voodoo paranormal. Look for special events and come break bread with the Dead on a full moon during a private slumber party or on Saturday nights till midnight inside a real French Quarter haunted house.

Our ghost hunting combos are available privately or publicly by van or by foot. Book a Ghost Hunt on its own or experience it as a combination package with our French Quarter Supernatural Walking Tour or Ghost Town Luxury Van City Cemetery combo experience.​ See our Tours page for more details!

Join us for Ghost Hunting and Paranormal Investigations. Different days, different ways! Be a part of this best small group haunting  experience . We Stay inside one location for now in Phase one:

2 public times Friday & Saturday are available, 7 nights privately!

                                          Ghost Hunt

 Free roam ghost hunting througout our documented haunted  house with stationed  paranormal equipment throughout.  Ge the How-to's + watch yourself on playback!

               8:30 pm Friday and Saturday | 8:30pm | $48 per person



Free Roam In a 200-year-old Haunted Housest the witching hour

encounter  paranormal equipment sessions and maybe catch our 13 ghosts

to public Saturdays  | 10:30pm- 12:30 | $66​ per person


You can also create your own private custom experience inside our 200-year-old Haunted house at 826 & 828 North Rampart Street in the French Quarter.

Record paranormal activity on the live night vision cameras and watch paranormal playback on the big screen in the observation room to see you star in your own show! See ghost photos in the Ghost Gallery, examine Haunted possessions and even try your hand at live ITC communication. Learn to use professional paranormal equipment, not just EMF to try to encounter & communicate with our 13+ ghosts.

Bloody Mary integrates a holistic paranormal experience and utilizes many methods of connectivity using investigation technology, interactive tools, and a touch of Voodoo. With a personal approach to the spirits, we give offerings, beat the drum, attempt to connect through beta and theta psychic exercises and modern equipment. You can feel and see the results live, as it happens.



Our store and Haunted musuem can be seen on Paranormal Lockdown, Buzzfeed Unsolved and History Channel's Haunted History! Come investigate in the same 200-year-old haunted home that they did in the infamous Zach and Addy Rampart Street Murder House with 13 ghosts in wait.​ This episode is an example of an on site Ghost Hunt and the atmosphere you could paranormally encounter when you visit! watch  a piece of  episode 10 here-



What to Expect on a Ghost Hunt

Contacting the Spirit World:

Bloody Mary's Philosophy

This experienced cooperation between the living and the dead is documented in Bloody Mary’s best-selling book, Bloody Mary’s Guide to Hauntings, Horrors and Dancing with the Dead. Share in this in-depth dissertation and paranormal diary of her outings and experiences, unknown to most. Some of Bloody Mary’s secret connection and protection methods are exposed as well.




I have been traveling for the last 25 years and professionally exploring America, France, Scotland, England, Mexico, Greece, and Italy on spirit quests to sacred sites. Haunted castles, cathedrals, catacombs and graveyards are my favorites. Yet the main focus throughout my lifetime of research has been within my hometown of New Orleans.


New Orleans and its above-ground cemeteries have been my playground since I was a toddler. The historic French Quarter, where so many of my ancestors lived through the generations, has been a source of inspiration where so many spirits have communicated with me in their own unique ways since childhood. For simplicity’s sake, you can refer to me as a “paranormal investigator” or better as a psychic investigator, but mine are truly more shamanic journeys of the outer and inner worlds. Someone jokingly gave me the tag of “necro-therapist” and that works too! It is a personal journey, and I do help people communicate with spirits and vice-versa. Also, as a certified hypnotherapist with a soothing voice, I can help put you in an Alpha state where you are calm and receptive to many worlds around us. Using guided meditation and visual imagery, I help induce a meditative and conected state.


I couple a scientific approach with my psychic awareness and spiritual training. As a trained shaman and voodoo priestess, I use ancient methods mixed with modern techniques to understand and implement. Certain forms of meditation can be achieved not only through sound, but also automatic writing, herbs, oils, foods and most importantly, courtesy. All in a Holistic paranormal approach.


There are many listed methods for paranormal investigations. Though I use some of these concepts to tap in to record anomalous activities, I prefer my own methods which are spirit-taught and learned through trial and error. Part of my job is to help you achieve a state where you become more aware of the many worlds around you and connect with them. Removing fear is part of the process. I have tried many of the prescribed methods that TV ghost hunters depend on, but I have found some of the gadgets rather unreliable and occasionally fascinating too. Sometimes more time is spent with the tools than with the spirits and we really must address their humanity first. Certain weather conditions, like humidity and areas with electromagnetic interferences coming through  heavily may disrupt the mechanics. Though the electronics have gotten better over time, many eager investigators do not use them correctly. Always sweep the area before investigation starts and turn off the microwave!


I prefer to enhance my own natural inner abilities and not become too gadget-dependent. Now a few researchers I have worked with like Bernice Barlowe, use Hertz rate machines from NASA which are much more reliable though harder to come by. I also have worked regularly with New Orleans MUFON ex-president Greg Avery —commonly referred to by Jeff Rense and others as the Orbmaster, as well as many traveling paranormal groups from around the world who have come to work with me here. Most agree that New Orleans is America’s Most Haunted City!


We have decades of public paranormal investigation experience to suggest and hundreds of places to connect in haunted New Orleans or multiple places. Book a Ghost Hunt with Bloody Mary today!

-Bloody Mary


The spirit dimension and its unseen life forms are always interacting with the world in which we live. Treating them with respect earns the same in return.


Unfortunately, many humans are raised and conditioned to meet the spirit world with negativity or fear. We need to learn how to interact with “the others” as sentinent beings and as a totally natural phenomenon. Bloody Mary's approach is a holistic one, intended to cooperatively heal.


Bloody Mary and her Krewe have a philosophy including Spirits Rights, which "we believe are an extension of human rights. We cause no harm or provoke spirits in order to connect."

"When we erase the prejudices that society has put on these phenomenon, presently and historically it diffuses to try negative techniques to command a quick performance through provoking spirits, as many modern TV shows promote (which I am dead set against). When we free ourselves to participate in a healing it helps not only ourselves but the spirits too," says Bloody Mary.


"Whether it is through connecting or clearing our own bloodline, discovering answers to history’s mysteries – if we take direction from the spirit of place or commune with spirits and other entities, there is a difference that will be made. My calling is to listen, to speak and to teach people how to see with more than their eyes."

Be Strong, Be Aware, Be Prepared:


Whether you purchase our priestess-made personal remedies or shop our blessed crystals, spirit-guardes, Gris-gris pharmacy, handmade protection salts or spiritual services, we got ya covered, including psychic self defense uncrossing work.

Meditation Transformation:


Ever thought that maybe a little bit of reprogramming is necessary? Through a variety of methodologies including hypnosis we will try to help you clear your path and clean up the debris, transforming it into your own pot of gold. Sometimes you need to face your dark side to climb up high. We can help you align through that, and so can the ancestors.


Psychic Self Defense


Mesmerism, Hypnosis

& Guided Meditation

Balance & Unblock:


Get an important tune-up and let us teach you how to maintain a healthy balance of mind, body and soul. We use Reiki, Qui-Gong, Crystal work and mixed methods to tune you up. We identity and clarify blocks for you to help create harmony and begin to rewire your energy circuits.


Private appointments available now and group meditations and special events.


Psychic Healing Reiki

& Energy Work


Past Lives

& Soul Retrieval

From Present to Past:


Go further back and let the past be present so you can absorb the power waiting from your past lives back within and transform pain and emotional injury.


Private sessions recommended and some group classes.

PSI, ESP, Intention & Intuition:


Let us help you open your third eye. Explore all the senses. Which is your strong suit? Are you more clairvoyant, clairsentient, clairtangent or even clairgustinent? Can you develop and learn to gauge your empath abilities to tune in? Would you like to try automatic writing? Feel the power of Crystal grids to help you connect  & try Zenner card testing! 


We can sample many avenues of PSI abilities. Call us about private or group classes or let us plan an itinerary in hands-on ghost hunts, séances, or readings. So much info & evidence is on my APP

Remote Viewing & Telekinesis:


Try some long term and short-term target practice on your far-reaching psychic skills. The scientific approach of Remote Viewing is a training method developed by the government, but its interest blended back into the psychic and paranormal worlds from whence it came. Maybe we can even try some distance movement exercises in telekinesis after we hit the target to grow our skills. We will have full special workshops with experts scheduled throughout the year as well as daily sample areas set up in the museum for you to test your skills try at home and buy my APP at your APP store " Bloody Mary Tour"


Remote Viewing

& Telekinesis



& Parapsychology

Séance & Mediumship:


Let’s trance together and co-channel to get the information through to and from the other side. Participate in weekly live séances and ghost hunts, public and private options – your place or mine or even at your party. We contact the spirits in our haunted museum on our ghost hunts or can contact the spirits in your house to see who shares the space.​

After-Death Communication:


Try your hand at connecting! There are so many methods of old school and new school connection, but we can do all electronic ITC communication if that is your strong suit.


We sample many methods and explore using them in private classes or group with physical and spiritual mediumship.


Mediumship & Cross-Cultural Communication Methods​





What to Expect on a Ghost Hunt

Hands-on Custom Paranormal Investigations:

Connect with the Spirit World | Explore & Document Hauntings | Seek Evidence & Solutions​


Using our professional paranormal equipment, holstic methods and big screen playback of your encounters, Bloody Mary Ghost Hunts put you in the spotlight! Free roam your way into a very real experience and learn our method of Voodoo Paranormal from the best ghost hunters and direct form the  spirits. Ghost Hunts take place in our 200-year-old haunted house in the French Quarter and in Mid city private sector plus forests,  cemeteries,  haunted bars and beyond. Bloody Mary offers you small group public & private custom Ghost Hunts 7 nights a week.  Join our public after hours paranormal night at the haunted museum Midnight Ghost hunt Special Saturday night experience 10:30-12:30. Sundays closed for summer /covid unless by private reservation. We also arrange off site ghost hunts too. Read on to find out more details about Ghost Hunting!​