Paranormal Tips to Survive Your Haunted Holidays



"These are simple Paranormal tips to survive your haunted travels with confidence. They come from years of direct experience in the field and from good old, trial and error too. I've spent over 25 years doing full time ghost hunts with the public, it is my day job (well, night job too) . I researched, trained and  learned first hand so I can share supernatural life experiences  and these paranormal tips with you here and now."


                                                                                                                                                Voodoo Queen Bloody Mary 




First and Foremost: Fear Not


"Fear not' is my motto, but be prepared. Apply common sense but do not walk in fear. Fear only attracts lower vibrational entities that feed off fear - and  I mean both the living and the dead here!  Be prepared and cautious with your physical gear and your attitude and be strong in who you are . Confidence breeds strength so don't let Hollywood movies ir religious zealots taint your logic. Many life forms exist that are simply different, it does not mean evil is out to get you! 


Be Sober and Grounded


 When dealing with psychic or paranormal phenomenon you need to be present and grounded. Breathing exercises and visualizations of connection to the spiritual landscape upon entry is suggested. If prayer grounds your or simply stating intentions then please add appropriate gestures. When drunk we are a bit too loud and self centered and may forget simple politeness.  In other words please go in clean, leave your anger, fear, jealousies, judgement and personal issues behind and do a cleansing before and after.



When drunk you are more vulnerable. Spirits love Spirits so they may want to share with you (in you) ! In my home town I have had lots of experiences with all levels of alcoholic plunders from my guest and ghosts.  So on your New Orleans holiday  we know sobriety is a hard rule to follow but drinking has easy access 24 hours a day here, so there will always time for that later.


Be Friendly


 Invoke, do not provoke. Say hello, introduce yourself when entering a haunted or sacred site. Remember the "humanity" of the spirits so that they may remember theirs! Treat them with respect and they will do the same for you: The Golden Rule applies on both sides of the veil. If for some rare reason there is anger or literal danger, do your best to diffuse it fist and then set boundaries . Let them know you know your rights and even offer to help them and  if  real problems continue then should take the defense .


Carry Protections


Whether your protections are psychic shields or physical Talismans, relics, medals, herbs, potions, salt, or all of the above, have them handy. They will help you ground and will be recognized by the others. Heavier psychic shields or astral protections  or ritual incantations can be readied, but think of them as an extra layer if  you need it. Putting on too many or too thick of a coat could block information and communication within your paranormal investigation. Research on how to apply the protections directly, physically or ritually is advised. It is  better to have a trained shaman or priestess with you.  If you know how to apply the protections yourself, do so and or leave the area for safety. You can always return to the area with more spirit tools later, or not!


Always Go with A Friend


You know never go alone! It's good to have an ally and a witness, as well as a guide who knows the terrain. Safety in numbers helps the supernatural and the physical issues that could pop up on many levels, but sont go overboard - not too many at a time!


Bring Salt


Salt is a great quick fix if spirits are too overwhelming or even if the energy area is just a bit over the top. It will ground you quickly if you eat it. Salt is also great for cleansing, banishing and such.  If anything  latches to you it's a simple fix to get it off before it attaches deeper.   Earth salt, kosher salt or sea salt is best, but in a pinch any salt will do. Crackers are a fantastic option for you to ground back in the now: Saltines covered in salt are also a little bit of a snack too!


 Blocking Hint:

If you don't want paranoraml activity and are staying in a haunted hotel  then here is a  simple trick. Put  a bowl or a cup of salt water under your bed. You can also leave a shot of rum and a cookie or candy on the opposite side of the room dedicated just for them!


Carry Florida Water (hoodoo holy water)


Florida Water is an inexpensive cologne used by shamans and spirit workers in many nations. It is a shamans form of Holy water (you can bring church holy water too)  But Florida water is a great old Southern recipe (though, it is bottled in New York these days). It can be an offering for the sprits to call them near, or it can also be used to cleanse them away. Wording is different for the two processes. On the non spirit side of things it  also stops the itching from mosquito bites, the swelling from bee stings, the sting from fire ant bites, cools you down heat.and smells great!


Bring Phone and Camera


 Phones are for contact with the living and the dead! Sometimes the dead may literally work through our electronics. Our modern electronics and smartphones have cameras, recorders, notepads plus room for ghost apps and internet access. So make sure to bring it heavily charged! I hate cell phone cameras for most any anomalous photos , but is a good backup in a pinch and great for video and audio files. I like the  Nikon coolpix waterproof cameras for rough and ready paranormal, on-the-go results. Fuji waterproof cameras are my next best choice. 




Paranormal Equipment


 The market is oversaturated with garage trach paranrmal instruments and APPS that it is extremel hard to know which ones to trust. I believe you can work with any of them, you just need to experiment personally to find the right fit. My advice remains firm about putting spirts first, and the devices second. Do not deovte all time to gadgets. Aloso remmeber your temperature guages and other paranoamal equipment do perform better on insde investigations in a controlled environment. You can sweep the area for its natural readings on electromagnetic devices, like your mel meters, K2's ...and find the natrual norm. When outside, sweeping an area is very difficult and many other environmental factors cnanintefere for  more false. anomalies,  especially if you are on the move.  Travel light in outside investigations take some  rods, athat  camera, and phone , maye a simple  recorder  —pehpaps a simple ghost box. Try to experiment more  with your own intuition, for YOU are actually your best paranormal instrument! Everything  can be evidence,  but that does not mean proof. Strive for your personal experience to remain in the forefront, that will be what counts in the longrun.


Bring Extra Batteries


Batteries can get sucked dry in an instant during the paranormal fieldwork. I find by being polite and bringing the spirits something else to feed on that  this issues can be stopped or at least reduced.  I bring them food and yes, I bring them  liquor- it's just for the spirits not us. I toast to them! Though, I still suggest to bring extra batteries just in case. 


Give a Gift or an Offering


I try to always bring something appropriate to the place and spirits I am visiting. I bring  a piece of my hometown too-like moss,  Mississippi  water , pralines and the like. If I am aware of their specific era I may  seek the appropriate matching gift/ I strive to give a gift they like. Remember, that this is a gift. I do not use it as a lure or an "era trigger" item only. I have found that some investigators bring things to use as bait, not with intention of gifting it. It is how you look at it and how you offer it that is perceived by the spirits. Be nice, gift with good intentions and from the heart. The spirits can see through many facades: try to be genuine.




Voodoo Queen Bloody Mary


 Voodoo Queen Bloody Mary is a television celebrity, author, paranormal investigator, psychic medium, and curator of the New Orleans Haunted Museum and Mystic Institute. Spirit communication is her whole  life which is dedicated to communication between the worlds.  Her home town, New Orleans is an infamously haunted town so growing up here provided a full time supernatural environment for her gifts to flourish. She played in the graveyard growing up  meditated in the live oak grove and danced at the bayous edge where she still takes ou to today. She listened to spirit's murmurings her whole life and shares their teachings direct to you for over 26 years. Through all this Bloody Mary created her own method of connection - Voodoo paranormal. She weaves old school and new school paranormal with a voodoo twist. Come get a hands on experience and join her tours, ghost hunts, classes, rituals, seance or city cemetery combo tours and full paranormal outings. You can also see her in over 200 world wide documentaries about the other side of her home town and read her books. Now also  get up and personal with her  in your own home  with the new APP - It's a  Podcast, Blog, tour and Haunted museum to go full of her enchanting voice storytelling podcast commentary PLUS paranormal evidence. Search your APP store  for:  Bloody Mary Tour- read more



Paranormal Travel Tips to Survive by Bloody Mary