Voodoo Garage Sale Rocks as Barkus Dog Parade Rolls! 






 Come toast with the ghost of man and beast and Shop till ya Drop !

We are on the parade route so come party at the Haunted Musuem                     826 & 828 N. Rampart St.  12:30 pm-6pm 2/16 2020


"Let the Canine spirit move you at the Haunted Museum!  Come howl like the Loup Garou and grab some 2nd hand                             costumes, feathers , fur and bones, vintage threads, oddities, mystic art and more.

              PLUS a free pet blessing ceremony at 3pm. Lets embrace the living and salute our deceased pets-

                                       gone but not forgotten at the same time!  Special blessing at 3pm. 


Mardi Gras Voodoo Garage Sale & Dog Day Afternoon 

Feb 16  12:30-6pm 826 & 828 N. Rampart St.




    Meet our pet psychic  priestess Gina and get some special homemade doggie treats. Prizes and Fancy cake bake                                               raffle to benefit New Orleans Humane society come join the cause


    Come grab your costumes, oddities, mystic art, Voodoo free pet treate + Pet Blessing at 3PM and Seance at 6PM!


          Do Shop the Voodoo Garage Sale. Come grab some costumes, oddities, mystic art and a few homemade healthy pet treats. Finally buy that Raccoon Penis Bone, Spell jar and get some horns or feathers to adorn thyself!                                      Maybe try your hand at one of our hand carved Ouija Boards to keep in touch.

Perhaps you need a personal Psychic  Reading , your own Haunted Doll, Spirit Bottle , candle or a bone or a bauble!


Bring your pet by for  a homemade healthy treat and a blessing too 

Contests- Prizes- Pop-up classes



Meet Voodoo Queen Bloody Mary and her Voodoo paranormal team of mediums. Come shop and meet the mystics when you come spirit shop with us! Haunted museum and Voodoo Pharmacy New Orleans 826 and 828 N. Rampart Street!. Connect and channel Victorian Seance and  Join our 6pm seance to reach out with us! Remember we offer discreet private services daily to help you with your hauntings.


Shop for your self or your friends and select some funky costumes, vintage items, voodoo dolls, mystic art, occult tools, and Book  tours, seance and lots of other goodies. Come learn some inside info on how to DIY your Voodoo dolls and make 'em sing. Catch some free mystic pop up classes. Honor the canines even the crtpyids as we explore the famed Louisiana werewolf: Loup Garou, in house or on the road . Buy unusual and hand crafted spirit gifts by local mystics and your New Orleans Voodoo Queen Bloody Mary. It's a festival, a flea market and a spirit filled metaphysical bazaar- the Voodoo Garage sale Rocks! Extend your time with us and take a tour or scheule a seance, Let us help make some magic & get into the Mardi Gras spirit 


Haunted Museum and Spirit Shop runs quarterly themed events like the Voodoo Garage Sale, monthly events like our Hoodoo Happening  and Guest appearances. Remember our  Annual festivals like Swamp Magic Fest at St John's eve near June 21, 22 & 23 at Solstice time- a popular event since the times of Marie Laveau and before.  June 23rd Baptism Rituals held in New Orleans. where Bloody Mary still offers the old school New Orleans St. Johns eve River Baptisms to you.  Find out about Pop up Classes, events, tours and more  HERE   iQuickview list of events.


by Bloody Mary 01/2020