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       photo by Laura Nikisher

What better city to tie the knot in than New Orleans — a city of romance, magic and spirit imbedded in every step. Even Elopement is easy in the Big Easy and we can help you with all the arrangements from ceremony to party planning. Whether Eloping Or planning a full scale destination wedding we can plan everything for you and your entourage. As you walk down the aisle for your Alternative Wedding Ceremony in New Orleans you will be joined in matrimony by an 11h generation Native New Orleanian. What better link to the spirit of place than Internationally Reknown Voodoo Queen, Priestess-Bloody Mary to preside! Let her plan and perform your sacred ceremony in traditions that came here  from the world over and imbedded themselves into the heart and soul of this Port town. All of the ceremonies are Sacred and infuse the couples with Holistic blessings filled with mysticism and wisdom from all the Cosmic Universal Powers that surround us. So Draw down the moon in the Crescent City for your union and create a Heartfelt Wedding and profoundly emotional event to strengthen the union of which you are about to embark. We can call the spirits in to join your ceremony and continue to perhaps create a Ghostly Gala for your reception , a Haunted Honeymoon package filled with events for you and your guests or even a Haunted Pub Crawl pre wedding or bachelorette tour.

Even Martha Stewart got wind of Bloody Mary for your New Orleans destination wedding  and alternative choices

click to read- Martha Stewart and Bloody Mary  

New story coming out January 17 on Martha Stewarts wedding page .


Tune in  to see A BLOODY MARY Voodoo Wedding  as part of  a whole Haunted Honeymoon multi-site spiritual adventure on you tube brilliantly shot and artisticly edited by local talent of videographers of Studio Viewx Carre:



So Bless your vows with all the energies of old—perhaps the ceremony of Jumping the broom or maybe a Celtic Hand Fasting Wedding in New Orleans is what you need to tie the knot,.or perhpas choose a tandem style wedding with a stopt for a n ancestral portion for a daytime New Orleans Cemetery Wedding , or a full scale Voodoo Wedding Ceremony , Renaissance Wedding or aadd little Swamp Maguc on a local favorite  Swamp wedding style wandering under the ancient oaks by the bayou or just a simple Civil Ceremony  dedicated to your love to each other. .Your special concept theme wedding is customized with you directly with your priestess and planner. Choose the wedding ritual best for you and make offerings to the ancestors, the directions; mother earth , the elements and the Loa for your sacred day. Unity is the goal within whichever ceremony you choose -From a simple affair to an elaborate family celebration created with custom touches and Spirit to bind you !

Alternative Wedding Styles

We specialize in customizing the ritual wedding to combine your heritage, religious beliefs with some historic and magical touch. Try a Gothic, Celtic, Civil War, Renaissance, Victorian, Voodoo, Swamp, Wiccan or multi-denominational wedding ceremony ! We can help you match to your perfect site for the wedding, reception and entertain your guests with spiritual cleansing and psychic balancing , dinner parties, bachelor and bachelorette tours,  and even help plan a fabulous Haunted Honeymoon  justa s a couple or designed for all your guests

Add Extras

  • Personal Love Altars
  • Bachelor or bacheloette haunted pub crawls
  • Wedding Party city Tours
  • Psychic readings for Wedding Party or just the bride and groom
  • Haunted Rehearsal Dinners
  • Full themed receptions
  • Haunted Honeymoon nights out
  • Drummers and Musicians
  • Bag pipers
  • Photography
  • Videography
  • Ancestral Altars for friends and family in spiritual plane
  • A special love Gris-Gris bag  (mojo) for you and your betrothed
  • Magically Blessed Ritual Broom
  • Hand fasted Voodoo doll couple

Voodoo Weddings

Ascended Queen Margaret (left) offers sacred libations and the powerful energies of La Grande Zombi, the great ancestral God of New Orleans Voodoo, who is called down by Queen Bloody Mary (right) through the energies of the snake. The snake is wound around the newly wedded couple for extra blessings. The snake is the symbol of healing and regeneration, constantly shedding its skin to start anew!

   Jumpin' the Broom                                                                                                                         

 All you had to do in old New Orleans was jump the broom and you were hitched. This was done on the plantations by the masters for this was both an ld African Custom as well as a Celtic method of marriage. The higher you jumped the more fertility your fields! Bloody Mary makes a magical keepsake broom for you to take with you into your new life together imbued with all the love within you and your guests on your special day

 Gothic Wedding

In  a New Orleans We Share Wine and Roses with  the  ancestors who could not attend the ceremony in the flesh  and request their witness and blessing  for the future of the couple's wedded bliss. To deliver all the flowers from the wedding to the cemetery  and  to feed the dead was a traditional stop historically in New Orleans in between the ceremony and the reception. Haunted reception at favorite haunted restaurant and haunted honeymoon tour can follow .

Celtic Hand-fasting


  Did you know that the term "tying the knot" came form an old Celtic tradition of hand fasting and was an initial year and a day commitment ceremony that was renewable to a more permanent binding and additional ceremony  after that time period . Knot Magic is used cross culturally and present in New Orleans tractions as a way to bind ones vows, prayers and wishes into reality. Each knot is tied with intention that the couple infuses into it and they are given the cord as a constant reminder of the love and commitment willingly entered into in your wedding.  

Renaissance Wedding


The Bride marches in silence toward an archway of Crossed Swords to meet her Beloved awaiting . The  Sacred circle is cast, the directions called and sprits fed all during an eclectic Christian and Wiccan ceremony which is performed. Vows and rings are exchanged, prayers and poems are read and eventually The ceremony culminates with a planting of a peach tree- the fruit tree of love topped with a romantic kiss to seal the tryst. A Renaissance feast followed in full period style for all to enjoy including a full round table for all the ladies and lords to share.


photos by Imagine Photography

Let Bloody Mary find you the best New Orleans Location for your special ceremony or have her come to your pre-arranged spot. Choose a Sacred site wedding in Jackson Square , a Wedding in a New Orleans Cemetery, Creole Courtyard Wedding, get married under Ancient Moss Draped Oaks or choose the Swamp theme where tie the knot on a Haunted Bayou, Jump the broom in an Old Plantation ,  perhpas A Betrothal on the Banks of the Mississippi or even a wedding at the tomb of Voodoo Queen Marie Laveau ! Wherever we choose to hold your wedding or renewal be assured that your magic wedding day is spirit filled ! Then to follow a beautiful haunted dinner, catered picnic by candlelight or romantic dinner for 2 we can arrange all of the best for your needs-even a romantic, specialty hotel or B & B to consummate your night! Everything is customized personally by Bloody Mary


Bloody Mary is  A Justice of the Peace  and an ordained Manbo Asogwe (priest) of La Source Ancienne Hounfo in La Nouvelle Orleans of Haitian Voodoo, Voodoo Queen of Creole New Orleans Voodoo, Traituer (treater/ healer), Ordained Minister of Ordo Templo Verdius, Reverend Mother of the Universal Church, Knight Priest of the Mystic Knighthood of the Crowned Heart as Qi-Gong and Kuji-In teacher and healer of Oriental Esoteric traditions, Twin Priestess with Foxwood Temple of the Old Religion, Ordained Clergy woman of Spiritual Humanism, Queen Bishop and founder of Les Salon L'Esprit de Verite.

Co-Officiate Matthew Pouliot is an Ordained Reverend of The Universal Church, Houngan in La Source Ancienne Hounfo, twin priest of Foxwood Temple of the Old Religion and King Bishop of Les Salon L'Esprit de  Verite. Matthew is allso a Voodoo Ritual drummer

Jagger Scibilia is Hounsi and acts as LaPlace and assistant to his Reverend Mother for certian ceremonies  and drummer

 Gina Beard is Mambo Asogwe of La Ancienne Hounfo and Justice of the Peace and co-queen here at Les Salon L'Esprit de Verite as well as Ritual drummer


Louisiana State Marriage License Information

Legal Information

The couple is responsible for obtaining their own marriage licence and we will help in the procedure if necessary. State Marriage License is good in any city in the state..  Identification is required along with authentic copies of birth certificates and any divorce judgments. In some cities there is a three-day waiting period from the time the license is issued, I can sign waiver as a Justice of the peace. In New Orleans a Minister can also waive the waiting period for non-residents if good reasons exist. No medical tests are necessary. The license is good for 90 days. You must present the license to the person doing the ceremony in advance as it requires the minister to complete some portions in black ink and he must mail it back to the issuing office. 2 witnesses are required.



PACKET 17 208_04.pdf 

 license office info

Hours: 8 am - 4 pm Mon.- Fri
License Fee: $27.50 cash 
Be sure to check on times and locations as they have changed many times since Katrina. Currentoffice is on Pydras near the Superdome inthe downtownarea near the French Quarter OR

. New Orleans Second City Court, 225 Morgan St. Algiers, LA., phone 504-368-4099 also issues licenses they are across the River with easy access by ferry from downtown.

Minister can do waivers for weddings of visitors to New Orleans. Ministers have waiver forms that are completed and returned with the license office.
NOTICE Vital Records Central Office will offer walk-in services at Benson Tower, 1450 Poydras St, Suite 400, New Orleans, LA beginning on Monday, February 28, 2011. Effective Monday, February 28, 2011 the Vital Records Customer Serivce Call Center can be reached at 504-593-5100 .


Call Bloody Mary's Hotline at (504) 915-7774
or click here to contact her via email.

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