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We feature the Victorian visual of a séance: sitting around a round table holding hands calling friends and family and connecting with those visiting from the other side  (it’s up to the ghosts if they show). This old school and a very  valid way of connecting with the other side today as it was historically in old New Orleans during  our Spiritualist  movement heydey!


When group minds collect together to connect with a loved one it is still a wonderful way to contact the other side. We recreate this paranormal glamour atmosphere of yesteryear here and now privatelyor publically at the New Orleans Séance Parlor for your personal mediumship needs.


Bloody Mary plans parties where your Seance is quietly waiting in a side room for you guests to come and join or plan a Virtual Seance ! Book Thursday's with the public 8:30pm central on Zoom Now here or plan your private cyber Senace with only your guests!  Professioinal mediums are waiting  to connect with you for a spiritual encounter to remember!


 Whether Hosting a virtual party or physical one, you need to call us in! Private séances are endless possibilities of supernatural wonder! We come to you to set up a pop-up paranormal experience that travels to your special event,  psychic party or bachelorette. Call to plan!


Experience the Victorian-style Séance

Sundays @ 5pm in house NOLA

Thursdays @ 8:30pm on Zoom

for a different look at the spirits around us.


$66 per person | at the Haunted Museum, 828 N. Rampart St 

$40 per person at home on Zoom

private Seance times and prices vary!


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 NatGeo experienced Bloody Mary’s Victorian Séance  during a Séance Sunday and raved it as

“…The shrine of spirit communication!”



Advance Reservation Only: Same day seats possibile if available.

Public Séance Sundays: Maximum totals 7 (covid limits) or private

Virtual senance on ZOOM max totals 18

Séance includes a free tour of the Haunted Museum live or virtual

All sales are final; no refunds.