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828 N. Rampart Street in the French Quarter


Get your personal Voodoo prescription filled at Bloody Mary's New Orleans Voodoo Pharmacy. Items are hand made, created in house for you. Shop online, in person, or call for our “mojo to go” too and famous Voodoo ritual kits! Most of our ingredients are hand picked, home grown and carefully created with old school mystic methods and swamp magic.


Come Conjure your own New Orleans magic at our Make-Your-Own Voodoo Doll Bar or let us design your own dolls for those special cases.


Awaken more magic at the gris-gris apothecary, enlighten yourself in a psychic reading, workshop or tour. Since spirit is part of the process when dolls, mojo’s, gris-gris and other spirit tools are ordered, many times they include a scheduled consultation; some come with follow up psychic sessions too, by phone or in person.


Make-Your-Own Voodoo Doll Bar

 You Dress 'em, We Bless 'em!


VOODOO DOLLS: This infamous effigy is simply a surrogate of the intended, the doll, mannequin, poppet! Because of Hollywood you would think only of it as “intended victim” but actually, it is your intended patient, a passed on loved one, a guard or simply you! This depends on the motive of the creator. We need to activate the doll with name and baptize your voodoo doll with the energy and or DNA of the receiver.


When you add hair, nails, clothes, breath, body fluids and the like to the doll, it awakens it even more fully. Dress it in the clothes of the person, bedazzle it with their jewelry and all that jazz! Everything you add, add with a purpose. Feed your doll at least once per month or best at once per week. Dolls can be made as helpers, money magnets, love dolls, protector spirits or become houses for the mysteries. This vessel can contain your spirit or house others. Feed this relationship and grow.

*Though humans use dolls to stop others and drain them, this is not advised. Focus on gaining your own strength for self and those around you from the source for your true needs!