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Voodoo is a danced religion; Voodoo is a musical religion-the sense of sound is a magick all of its own, whether drumming, chanting or the spoken word—the sound heals. All in all voodoo is an ecstatic religion where spirits are invoked and come alive through you. Experience private rituals for ones’ personal healing, group rituals for healing the world or blessing a project, or even a love ritual-- alternative New Orleans voodoo weddings or vow renewals where all the unseen ancestors are invited to attend to strengthen the bonds between you! Email to create your own rituals or attend our open rituals.

Click to workshops and events for listing of open rituals in New Orleans or in our on the road rituals and events. We customized rituals by placing you with the perfect healer for your needs. For one on one rituals or readings please see Psychic Readings page. Or plan a New Orleans Voodoo wedding !

Voodoo Weddings
Some believe the religion of Voodoo was the first. Ancient Africa being the oldest cradle of civilization. Bless your wedding vows with the energies of old—perhaps the jumping of the broom is all you need to tie the two of you. Choose this alternative New Orleans wedding ritual and make offerings to the ancestors and the Loas for your sacred day. The sacred energies of La Grande Zombi (the great and ancestral GOD) is called down through the energies of the snake and here you see Voodoo Queem Bloody Mary has placed the snake around the newly wedded couple as Queen Margret bestows her blessings. Add a beautiful personalized altar , a special love gris-gris bag, a personalized and blessed broom, a ritualized  bound voodoo doll couple and more - a simple affair to an elaborate family affair can be created with customized touches and the spirit to bind it all together!

Voodoo drumming and Sense of Sound
The drum chorus of 3 is an ancient spirit trinity-one does not play the drums, they play you. Libations are served to the drum spirits for they help carry you into the state between the worlds where spirits blessings are given. The beat of the drum, the stomping of feet, the clapping of hands coupled with the sound of the chant and the spoken word are all part of the magick which is Spirit itself. Hear the traditional African beats and let them carry you deep to a place within where you realize your own connection to the world and the Spirits within!

Voodoo Family Traditions
From elder to youth at certain rites of passage the ancient wisdoms were passed down. Through interpretive dance we illustrate the passage from mother to daughter as was done in the times of the great Marie Laveau’s—voodoo queens of New Orleans. Pictured here are our celebrity dancers: Mother Cinnamon and her daughter Giovanni-mistresses of the dance and spirit of New Orleans. All rites of passage are celebrated in the tradition of Creole Voodoo and these costumed moderns of today revere the ways of old as they beckon all to dance and join to build the energies, The movements of the dance, the spinning involved, all help the Loa (spirits) to come and stay with us.

Ritual Ve-Ve’s
The sense of sight is much honored-through the colors chosen and the sections of the ritual performed. The ve-ve is a symbol signature, and an altar of its own. Calling the spirits begins and ritual offerings are accomplished by being placed directly on the ve-ve. Dr. Snakebones perfectly creates this ve-ve for Legba-Papa Labas, as we call him here is the opener of the gates and guardian of the crossroads. All rituals begin and end with him. The ve-ve is created out of cornmeal, flour, coffee grounds, brick chalk, or a variety of other such elements.

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