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Moonlight Graveyard Tour

New Orleans only Evening Cemetery Tour!
Gravestones and ghosts await you on your a haunted Ghost and graveyard experience! An inside look at our incredible New Orleans cemetery history, unusual architecture, Secret Society history and of the spirit encounters who call these places their home! Journey through Twilight time to the dead of the night! (daylight savings time has summer removing the darknes but not the spirits) No one is hired to pop out at you-, no simulators - if and when that occurs it is very REAL- A multi-sensory adventure from the other side! Learn to see with all of your senses and begin to experience the sublte paranormal realities all around you. Which graveyard was known as the Druids cemetery? Find out all about this and other secrets buried within the most unusual fraternal and religious cemeteries in the South .

Travel inside at least 2 graveyards and see many more. Learn of the Odd Fellows Rest, Metairie cemetery, Masonic Cemetery, Holt Cemetery, our Potters field, Greenwood graveyard, St. Patrick’s , Cypress Grove, Dispersed of Judea, Holt Cemetery, our Potters field plus the Katrina Memorial! Enjoy a haunting walk with New Orleans Spirits as your guide posts! Explore psychic investigation and paranormal techniques and open your third eye. We will explore channeling, paranormal photography, EVP vs DVP and much more . This is an introduction to spirit connection with theory and application portions.  "in situ"  paranormal experiences of 18* year long investigation explored .

How to Reserve your Space!

The cost of the tour is $30 per person, or only $27 per person if paid in advance! Write the date you would like for your tour and click add to cart to reserve your space! Tours run rain or shine- minimum and maximum tour participants applicable ! Same day reservations need be aprooved by phone.

Closed Holidays 12/24.. 12/25, 12/31, Mardi Gras Day,1 Easter Eve, St.Johns Eve 7/23, Fourth of July

FYI: It will not be dark by 5pm again until Nov 4th.


    $27 on line Purchase Now price - full price $30

Individual Sold out dates:

               RSVP REQUIRED 24 HOURS PRIOR         



( French quarter meet and ending + haunted houses, haunted forest and more parnaormal!) CLICK HERE FOR GHOST TOWN TOUR

This iwalking tour is a 90+ minute tour


504-915-7774 Bloody Mary leads this tour 75% of time or Mambo Regina

Occasional blackout dates could arise and are pre- posted on site and also updates by phone on day of tour for walk up leftover spaces for you to joinat 504-915-7774  Please leave your local contact numbe or cell r with reservation  AND Always Call to RSVP on arrival to 504-915-7774  to check in from 24 hours to 8 hours before your tour See you soon!.

Exchange of tour choice or date possible and preferable within 48 hours or before scheduled tour time except in high season  where 72 hours to switch is recommended.

Tours are Non-refundable but usable for up to 1 year except at Halloween, Mardi Gras and Jazz Fest  where ticket dates are final sale!

any exchange depends on availability and must be arranged prior to tour date.

Where and When to Meet

The Moonlight Graveyard Tour meets at 4905 Canal Street at Beachcorner Bar in Mid City on Friday, Saturday at 5:00pm and is by reservation only

Includes Multiple terrain walking- Medium / heavy walking.

wear sneakers or closed up shoes --some parts can be muddy  and or have fire ants!

Special extended GhostHunt version possible privately

or try the Full Ghost Town Tour with cemeteries , haunted houses, and more paranormal sites -available as semi private Mon through Friday at 7:30

call for reservations  504-915-7774.-l

You may also reserve by appointment or custom nites

Private versions and extended mid week offerings can go more in depth for one on one enhancement and identification of trigger extra-sensory gifts and thier expansion. Public version helps identify basics and the sharing of case studies and parnormal experiences to  model various types of possible parnormal connection. call for information abut private tutelage


Travel 3 miles away from the french quarter by car or streetcar. Take the canal street streetcar at 4:15 PM from Canal street Median downtown Make sure you take the street car named "cemeteries" and take it west, away from the River to the end of the line. Walk 1 block back from the stop to the Beach Corner Bar at 4905 Canal Street and I will be outside to meet you there.  Call (504) 915-7774 for further directions from other parts of town and always RSVP when you arrive in town. On street parking is also available.

Iron Coffin
Many styles of iron coffins were popular in the 19th century New Orleans. Besides the obvious decorative appeal, they were also though to contain disease-an important point in plague-ridden New Orleans. This one is particularly intriguing and may be considered modern mummification for the person is perfectly preserved within! Iron coffins , iron tombs ,iron fences were all a part of our burial styles find out more when you meet me near the graveyard gates!

Wall Ovens
The earliest of mausoleums in our country began in New Orleans. They were called wall ovens or oven vaults mainly because they resembled the old brick baker’s ovens but soon we realized they acted somewhat like ovens too. The high heat and humidity here raised the temperature within to very high level accelerating decomposition. These factors helped us to “reuse” tombs—sharing them with other family members and in some cases with strangers who had no designated resting place to go. Many cemeteries were enclosed with walls of tombs as in this case of the Odd Fellows Rest. You can see the long row  of ovens with a spirit coming to pose for the picture-in this case showing up as an orb.

Tomb Types
New Orleans is famous for our above ground burials-but it is a misnomer that we cannot do below ground burials-always have an always will. Though the water table in New Orleans was very high when we settled here and modern measures have pumped us to even more of livable or buriable level this was not the reason wee chose above ground styles. This picture shows above ground burial and below, as well as a streaking orb spirit coming to point out a coping tomb to you. One method of below ground burial is Copings-dig down several feet and then build up a cement or marble enclosing filled with earth to acquire your typical “6 feet under”. In the background are several tombstones with what most think of as normal burials. Photo courtesy of  Spellbound Museum, Salem, Mass—taken on Bloody Mary’s Tour.

Family Tomb
New Orleans tombs were generally made of brick—a soft brick requiring maintenance of a layer of plaster for it to retain its strength. Nature takes her toll, grave-robbery is an ancient trade but occasionally the homeless have even lent a hand to some tomb problems are open. Much renovation has occurred in the cemeteries since  I have done tours and fund raising projects, yet many were so deteriorated prior to these projects that they actually offered an inside look into New Orleans unusual burial procedures- new Orleans graveyards are natural history cemetery museum of sorts.

Center Mound
Brother Dunlop rests in the center mound-tomulous in the Odd Fellows Rest. Here, you may say is still the caretaker there—one of the original designers of the Rest his spot is primary and dedicated as honor to this great man,. During a bit of a tribute to this great past grand master of the Independent order of the Oddfellows many, many orbs  came out to help this become the coldest cold spot that night! Photo taken by Michael Norton of Bloody Mary on a Private Ghost Hunt.

Esoteric Symbols
Gravestone symbols such as these can be seen individually on tombs across the world-each having layers of meaning to reach into the spiritual side of man. These symbols for contemplation and meditation are shown here beautifully carved in the Lodge tomb—Tuetonia, the German Society tomb in the Oddfellows Rest. Take a closer look so we can find them individually on tombs on tour and in graveyards near you.

Note: Learn the paranormal photography lowdown and see ghost photos taken on Bloody Mary's Tours and investigations. Please bring your cameras—digital suggested, or for film shots, we recommend 400 – 800 speed film for best results. (Sorry—no video)


Try New Extended Ghost town tour Version Mon. &  Friday a. semi private behind the scenes option: or other times and dates privately

By popular demand this private only option  is available as a

semi-private van 7 person max  or Private  walking on van  option

and  is a whole haunted city tour version with moonlight graveyard tour and several other haunted locations with more paranormal and psychic connection methods, experiments and extras! call to check in to see if this can be held on your particular day as a private tour or book Ghost Town tour Mon thorugh Friday 7pm

Email or phone to reserve this tour. Meets at same location.


Call Bloody Mary's Hotline at (504) 915-7774
or click here to contact her via email.

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