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                                            BLOODY MARY'S


         Paranormal / Voodoo Seance and Swamp Magic Salute



Escorts guide you to our secret  historic location while

Saluting sacred ritual sites en route!

Bloody Mary, New Orleans Voodoo Queen awaits you at the secret ritual site.

Interact at this Grande Salute to the Spirits .

 A ritual meal is shared with the spirits as we explore 19th century mediumistic connection methods amidst modern paranormal accents under a vodooo peristyle. On the green we will try to contact Voodoo Queen Marie Laveau and other "architects "of  New Orleans- the spirits that built our town.


Swamp magic  is New Orleans Voodoo

Paticipate in a "parrtere" ritual, break ritual bread and feed the saints!

all this on the green , at the swamps in honor  of our mother "the Mississsippi"

 and her strongest avatar - Marie Laveau

  • Open the gates  with Papa Labas
  • feed the sprits
  • explore surealistc connections
  • collective mediumship
  • call on the great Marie Laveau


bring your own offerings


Call Bloody Mary's Hotline at (504) 915-7774
or click here to contact her via email.

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