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Celebrity Psychic and Voodoo Queen, Bloody Mary offers Holistic Psychic Sessions, Kuji-In energy healings, Seership. Channeling, Hypnosis and Vodoo/Hoodoo ritual consultations by individual appointments and for groups at psychic parties, weddings and conventions. Phone, email and in person appointments available .

As a full rounded Mystic, Spiritual healer and Ceritified Hypnotherapist she consults with spirit guides, angels, ancestors, the Loa and directly to your higher soul for guidance and healings. A Clairaudient, clairsentinent, Bloody Mary may prophesize  and or synthesize  through a sort of Pychis x-ray whichcan reveal  spiritual, emotional and physical bloks to your pyschic well being. It helps by seeing and hearing with more than the physical and translates "The Secret" to a full life with you.

As a teacher she can help you open your own psychic abilities in order to help you heal yourself. Empowerment and teaching is the main goal.  As a light worker and psychic who lives a life of Spiritualism offering help for you treat the root of the issue as well as the symptoms in order to heal all of you.  If your diagnosis requires more than spirit alignment you may be prescribed homework  or offered a spirit tool such as , girs,-girs bags, cleansing baths and other further ritual healings

 "I can help you navigate through rough waters to calm seas with open sails and seal damages incurred along the way.— I am but the hollow bone, a conduit of energy from the source. "  Bloody Mary

Bloody Mary is an ordained Manbo Asogwe (priestess) of La Source Ancienne Hounfo in La Nouvelle Orleans of Haitian Voodoo, Voodoo Queen of Creole New Orleans Voodoo, ABH Certified and Registered Hypnotherepist, Traituer (cajun creole healer), Ordained Minister of Ordo Templo Verdius, Reverend Mother of the Universal Church, Knight Priest of the Mystic Knighthood of the Crowned Heart as QiGong and Kuji-In healer of Hindu and Mahayana Buddhist Oriental Esoteric traditions, Master Energy Healer, Twinned Priestess with Foxwood Temple of the Old Religion, Queen Bishop and founder of Les Salon L'Esprit de Verite a la Criolle Nouvelle Orleans. She comes from a  Roman Catholic backgroud with deep  New Orleans ancestral roots are all pieces of the guiding forces in her work. Local Houma Indian and Lakota teachers have also been a part of her studies to deepen the pool of her shamanic contributions with New Orleans Voodoo.

Her learning has been a interdisciplinary, deconstructive  and recontructive process   from the roots  of  New Orleans Voodoo

 " The Spirit of  Place , The river and her children of the Swamp blend in heavily  with my healing work-- I work in the river and  "on the green", at sacred sites - in other words , Nature spirit guides and ancestral" Bloody Mary

 Bloody Mary now offers reservation only in person, by phone , skype or by email readings for those who seek her psychic healing services. Using her own Psychic ability and her connection to the spirits she can lead you to the answers you seek. Mambo Gina and Shaman Andi are our premier in shouse Psychics who work with Bloody Mary availalble for appointment.

Psychic Services Styles

  • Channeling
  • Energy Healing
  • Kuji-In
  • ABH Certified  Hypnotherapist
  • Soul Retrieval
  • Life Coaching
  • Empowerment
  • Voodoo Bone Throwin'
  • Past Life Readings (Regressions & Integration)
  • Guided Meditations
  • Psychic X-Ray
  • Dream Analysis
  • Aura Brushing
  • Chakra Balancing
  • Gris Gris Bag or Mojo
  • Voodoo Doll Rituals
  • Voodoo Spells (positive)
  •  Ritual Work
  • Banishing's
  • House Blessings

Reserve Readings or Mystic Services:

Tarot or Bone Readings

30 minutes suggested when working on a specific issue


60 minutes . Make Peace with the Deceased : Communication, Connection & Closure w reconnection guided meditation to end session

Psychihc Healing -

75 minutes: Psychic X-Ray Kuji-en or Reiki with Voodoo uncrossing or banishing , aura brushing and rebuild + 1 follow up email checkup and dream analytics


60 minutes. Spirit Director Seership with guided meditation, psychic messaging and connecting, Remote Viewing, distance seeing and communicating techniques.

Past Lives :

75 minutes Regression & Integration, insight, reclaiming, & release, Soul retrieval and Life coaching

Sacred Site Holistic Psychic Day Out-

1/2 day-:portions of all of the above services in house and at psychic sacred empowerment areas designated for your needs , This is customized with you in advance in a 30 minute phone session - total time 4.5 hours

Voodoo Retreat

- Full day , night or Overnight experience . This is the Sacred Site Holistic psychic 1/2 day extended to the full Voodoo ritual working full day featuring , head washing , training seminar on cleansing, grounding , altar building ending with a  departure empowerment blessing ceremony. 11-7pm or 7pm-11am Limited Availability

House Blessing and Psychic Cleansings Paranormal Investigation

We can come to you locally or perform a remote viewing chekp u and energy work on your home and dentify issues to help create a clear enviornment, Both methods work and can include follow up maintaiennce and tools needed to mainttain the peaceful enviornment .

Get your Mojo

-15 minute psychic spirit consult to create your Custom Gris-gris Spirit bag . Allow 3 to 5 days creation time + shipping time after consult

Custom Voodoo Doll

15 minute psychic Spirit consult to create your personal Louisiana Moss voodoo surrogate doll designed of you for your specific needs. Allow 1 week creation time + shipping after consult

Deluxe Voodoo Doll

2 10 min, psychic spirit consult before and after creation of your Specialty Guarde Doll made with the Loa , mysteries or spirit guide for your protection and direction. needs. Allow 2 weeks creation time + shipping after consult

Handmade Voodoo Doll

An in temple created Louisiana Voodoo doll w your needs added in. Allow up to 3 days plus shipping time


please call for code for a discount when booked with tours


as senior, student  or local  resident and follow up session  discounts

How to connect: Please phone or email to check appointment avaiability. Some seasons may take 3 weeks to get an appoitnment but I have waitingl ist cancellation times that open frequently. 504-915-7774 voodoomary@gmail.com

Write in Subject Area :

"Phone reading appointment request " or

"In Person Reading request"

You may prefer to start off with:

Bloody Mary now offers Email readings for those who seek her wisdom. Using her own clairvoyant ability, her connection to the spirits, and the bones, she is able to provide you the answers you seek!

1 Question: $35 
A several paragraph- email response to your specific questiion

2 Questions with a 1 Bone Reading pull or Candle Blessing: $60
This intensive email reading offers answers to your important questions as well as insight from the bone pull into unseen challenges that may be coming  or blocking  your way or choose a Bloody Mary's Spiritual candle blesising to help you achieve your goals as

Certified Hypnotherapist American Board of Hypnotherepy (ABH) # H25423

City of New Orleans Safety and Permits  Permit @ 05LTG-00174

Louisiana State Recognized Ordained Priestess

Try my  "empowerment nap"  to recharge=.self-guided hypnosis script to heal


    Empowerment nap self hypnosis       

note: many health insurances reimburse for hypnotherepy sessions , some require  referrals from doctors some do not. If you have insurance inquire about reimbursement or referrals; the results you seek can be achieved

Call Bloody Mary's Hotline at (504) 915-7774
or click here to contact her via email.

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