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How has the city that care forgot, a crescent city that was none but a giant swamp, grown to be America’s most unique city? Is it the somewhat faded European flair and wrought iron balconies that beckon you to stay? Or is it the smell of Creole spiced and Cajun foods wafting through the evening air that tantalizes your senses? Maybe it is that hoodoo or voodoo magick that put you under a New Orleans Spell! Do the tempestuous libations pouring through the night call you to come out of your shell? Or does that frighten you to a state of excitement too much to bear? And the music born, does it haunt your soul? We are both the Hot Jazz and we sure know how to feel the blues! Either way she’s got you, and you are hers! Le Bon temp Roulee: Let the good times roll! All of these things are part of New Orleans, they draw you in, but the underlying feeling of our sultry city comes from the Spirit of Place—the genus loci if you will. A town has her own spirit, ours spreads from the river—through the square and deep into your hearts. Many of people that visit here feel as if they have been here before and that soon they may stay for good—many do. People from foreign lands comment how most America is the same—everywhere they’ve gone and this is the most unique±full of old world charm. No it is not the architecture alone—though much of it is indeed breathtaking—from the Spanish style of the Vieux Carre to the elegant Garden district mansions—all the way down to our simple shotgun homes and bayou camps. It is simply the Spirit of New Orleans that has possessed your senses. We actually are unique and proud to call this home. Welcome to our history and mystery:.

Big waters-the Mississippi
A River like no other—her arms reach out through 41% percent of America and her heart contains the lifeblood and history of a nation. She is the longest river in the world. Listen to her speak.

The Birth and Evolution of New Orleans
The Lousiiana territory claimed by La Salle for France in 1682 birthed a city in 1718—La Nouvelle Orleans. A city founded in a beautiful crescent creating a natural port, calling to the 4 corners—“Come!”

Cemetery History and Above-Ground Burial
Intrigued as many are with our above ground sarcophagi style of burial, it was function, fashion and mortality high that forced ingenuity to create our wondrous cities of the dead.

Creole Voodoo
New Orleans Voodoo is a special magic born in this port town. New Orleans was the perfect breeding ground to host a tradition that has earned her the reputation of Voodoo Capital of America.

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