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Greetings from Bloody Mary in New Orleans!-Everyone wants to know where to go to shop, what to buy, what to do when in New Orleans So as Voodoo Queen and spirit hostess of my hometown-some suggestions for you to do

1 ) Bloody Mary's Tours Click here for listings

(tours do not meet t thid shop)

2) for phone or in person readings 504-915-7774

3) Shop  at Marie Laveaus House of Voodoo

There are few stores for you to visit while you are in town in the French Quarter for your voodoo impulse shopping needs- I work with these places but you will not find me there! As an old school voodoo priestess I personally make things individually according to my clients needs but most of you can buy what you need ready made. There are several great shops if you are running through the French Quarter for you to stop at and buy direct . I suggest Marie Laveuas House of Voodoo on Bourbon near St Anne street for books, candles, statues m walk-up psychic services and basic Voodoo  essentials - they are open late night too!

My psychic readings and tours are resveration only but I suggest Phillip as an excellant reader at Marie Laveaus- I send many of my clients too since I am booked well in advance with a wating list

My tours also do not meet at this store  for my tour information Click here . We meet at different locations and everythng is by reservation to insure quality. Meet me at my french quarter location at listed otur times at 941 Bourbon street at Lafittes Blacksmith Shop Bar for my French Quarter ghost and graveyrad tours or OR join my exclusive evening cemetery tours  whisch meet in mid-city at 4905 Canal street at the Beachcorner bar  - The Haunted Moonlight Graveyard tour at twilght time, and Cities of the Dead Tour OR the Call 504-915-7774 for reservations on book on line from tour page for discounts!

Tap into the link below to see some of Bloody Mary's Tours and Voodoo Work!

See Bloody Mary and hear an eerie EVPon AOL's The Smart Show!

Visit Marie Laveaus House on my Voodoo Cemetery tour but visit Marie Laveau's House of Voodoo shop while you are in town. It is filed with voodoo merchandise from around the globe for the serious practitioner or the Novice explorer. Wonderful African and Brazilian masks and fetishes for sale as well as Voodoo Saints and Catholic Saint statues, rosaries, t-shirts, incense and voodoo dolls and kits and books. If you are planning on visiting the tomb of Marie Laveau you may pick up a perfect offering here first-cowrie shells, candles or that special something that calls you to her. You will want to look at the wonderful displays about voodoo—free of charge and view the working altars—but please do not touch! Right on Bourbon Street you can shop late hours and always get something to bring a little voodoo home with you!

Hours of Operation
Sunday-Thursday: 10am-10:00pm
Friday, Saturday: 10am- 12:00am

  • Full service Voodoo shop for practioners and curiosity seekers alike
  • Working Altars and Voodoo Historic Museum displays
  • Psychic Services in store  w phillip or with me by apt 504-915-7774
  • Voodoo Priestess by appointment Bloody Mary 504-915-7774)

The window of Marie Laveau’s House of Voodoo is both display and altar alike-it gives you a quick overview of awaits within. See the t-shirts, voodoo dolls and offerings that surround the statue of Marie Laveau-New Orleans most famous Voodoo Queen. The store is dedicated to her spirit and she indeed has her presence known within. Marie Laveau was known as the Popess of Voodoo and the store seems to be an avatar of just that!

You will want to take some time perusing all the eclectic Voodoo and Occult needs that wait within the doors of Marie Laveau’s House. A Plethora of masks, rattles, dolls, candles, bracelets, offerings, statues, books, beads, tarot cards, jewelry, oils, incense and the list goes on. You simply Have to go inside to experience and shop, shop, shop! The store prides herself on offering you many exclusive lines of Voodoo merchandise from around the world. Items are practitioner-made and are Not found in all the tourist shops in town that throw in a little Voodoo just to be trendy.

As you walk through the store and the diverse array of Voodoo items you will pass working altars and totems to guide you through. In the back room are a variety of displays on Voodoo to read about including a rendition of Baphomet that you can see here overlooking the back-room. Also pictured is the curtain with Our Lady of Guadalupe waiting for you to part the veil and enter the psychic service area for your private readings and consultations.

It is here in the same room hidden to the right are the occult displays free for you to study: A Creole gentleman awaiting Marie Laveau with the old gypsy style playing card deck psychic reading spread before him, a Mexican Day of the Dead altar, a Haitian Voodoo Peristlye display and many other things helping come face to face with the many faces of Voodoo .

Call Bloody Mary's Hotline at (504) 915-7774
or click here to contact her via email.

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