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Welcome to New Orleans! Please let me introduce you to my home town- a place where  my bloodline has been since 1718. I present personalized tributes to the cultural nuances contributing to Making New  Orleans Americas most interesting city. We tour the heart and souls of New Orleans and cater to those who really want the inside story and appreciate the history behind the scenes. Excursions for the Savvy traveler can be customized or joined in on with pre planned public tours. offering a wide variety of tours at different times and days to satisfy  even the most discerning palates; Private, semi-private, group and individual tours and services just for you .    Click here to see tour regularly scheduled open walking tours or to see suggestions to create a private customized experience click here, VIP style just for you  You can also email with your special interests and we will put together some personalized options just for you. 

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   " "Born and raised as a “Delta Babe” and grown to become known as "The Cultural Diva”, “The Ultimate Insider” and specifically “The Poet Priestess of the Spirit of New Orleans” Bloody Mary is a true spokeswoman of her hometown and an elegant, Modern Southern Belle.   - Southern Women Magazine 2003.

Bloody Mary is my chosen pen name and one of my priestess names. I was born on the bayou and baptized as Mary Millan here in the Crescent City where waters surrounded on the Isle of Orleans. I have baptismal initiation names as well to live up to, for a priestess is but a servant I live my names as Storyteller, Historian, Teacher, Author and Mother, Wife and Widow.

I am also a true Mystic combining as Shaman, Mambo, Voodoo Queen, Knight, Healer, Lightworker and Psychic abilities into everything tha i do. IAs an artist and  published photogrpaher I also design my work with an artists eye and a researchers mind - all  originally researched from a female pont of view .

My Mystic abilities have always lent a second sight to add to my artistic approach , enhancing my storytelling and Paranormal photography

Through these gifts of seership and psychic abilities I amsometimes led by sthese extra sensory sources helping to create a full rounded research technique that I share with you. These blessings help lead me to dig up old knowledge accenting my scholarly pursuits coupled with my avid research to present to you the most well rounded approach to understanding my home town and the unseen worlds we live within.

We can all learn to see with more than our eyes and hear with more than our ears, and part of my destiny is to help you to do that too. I believe in living, exploring and traveling to uncharted waters found deep within the heart and river of the soul- everything is an adventure of spirit and experience including all my tours, workshops and psychic services. There is no better place to discover spirits than right here in New 0rleans where I indeed am your spirit guide !


Everyone wants to know why: Bloody Mary?


There are many answers. But for the record I don’t drink blood or Bloody Marys, nor do I engage in blood sacrifice, but don't test me (LOL). Besides the dark and dangerous misinterpretations many confused minded folk may suppose, I am indeed, first and foremost- a  healer as well as a folk historian and storyteller, a dedicated and practicing initiated Mambo and New Orleans Voodoo queen.  As a Shaman and anthropologically researched I have indeed studied the macabre and multifaceted historical beliefs surrounding blood and its connection within the mind throughout the ages to engage in a deeper understanding of the psyche and the archetypes within to present you with knowledge, the motivations and fears of our forebears and its links to today's popularity within the horror genre of modern man. As a Folklore historian Bloody Mary is a name that all young ladies encounter as they approcah the mirror o years to come. Now a macabre game with a fasciniting  evolution people chant "bloody mary, bloosy mary, bloody mary" in the mirror and wait to see if she appears. And she does. I cant tell you how many birthday parites teenagers call me and invite me to all over the world. to see if i will show up. Some email me begging me not to hurt them -sometimes I play along and sometimes I explain to them logocally, -depends on my mood!

PLUS I am bloodline connected to Queen Mary I (known as Bloody Mary) and I am a descendant of Robert the Bruce, Templar King, as well as the Stewarts of the time from my matriarchal lineage side.  The family tree branched here to French territory in the 1720's packing their Pict, Scottish, German and French heritage (to name a few). It seems a little Native American made it in after the arrival through the Pointe Coupee , Plaquemine area of Louisiana when they first moved to in Louisiana and moving on to the plantation areas of White Castle, Donaldsonville, St. Gabriel, and in Iberville, Ascension  and Orleans Parish areas around River Road.

Meandering closer to  apermanent stay in New Orleans as the years passed by and having thier town houses in the city proper, my maternal grandmothers family, Lagasse, Thompson, Bruce, Baugnon., Ranna, ended up in the French Quarter having always traded up and down the river with town houses in the French Quarter throughout the years. Great grandma and great great , nanny and "Memi" lived on St. Anne between Rampart (Love) street and Burgundy street late 1880's  across the street from the Famed Marie Laveau cottage and Memi knew her well. Nanny had 5 children who were all delivered at home by the local midwife. Marie Laveau’s were the local midwives of the area and may have had their hand in a bit of my past life or bloodline memories. May have been Marie Laveau III by that point in 1895 but perhaps at least 1 of the trinity. Grandma told me about Marie Laveau; she remembers awe and fear, as a little girl but told the tales. Grandma grew up and made voodoo dolls, gave us ritual baths filled with Florida water and made sure the bottoms of the trees were painted white, well the trees came from grand paws hands.

My German, French. Italian ends come from Grand paw’s side who were Plaquemine Trosclair’s (troxclair) originally "Troxler" from European Alsace/Lorraine area, living on both sides of the  German/French border landing here in 1718 to the River parish of St. James and Ascension Parish then moving across the river tap the Bayou Goula, White Castle, Plaquemine areas. Commerce and trade up the river had their town houses in the French Quarter of New Orleans. It is interesting that genealogical searches through many families created in the early 20th centuries had family business connections and  or lived next door to each other since the 1700's! In the case of my grandfather it seems that even the descendants of some of the slaves during colonial times were still connected in the 20th century; "Peters" a wonderful old thin black man who my grandma could never say enough good things about and whom I knew as a child was still working for my grandparent was a descendant like this  from at least the early 1800's must have been grandma's side for the German end were not much on owning slaves but the American Thompson family branch owned the most slaves in the White Castle/Donaldsonville area in the day!

And to my grandma’s chagrin, my momma married a Yankee! That added Irish, English and Polish to the brew but this "MIllan side" are also related to Robert E Lee, George Washington and many other leaders of our country.

I heard that Yankee thing all of growing up but, especially when I went to move to New York for college. I could never understand why something that happened so long ago still preyed heavily on grandma’s mind. I not only understand it now but teach it and do it as an offering to her and all the voices from the past whispering in my ear!

The history taught in school here had not shed the light on the southern side, or rather, Creole version of the Civil War New Orleans and the hardships following Grandma knew. The history books I had as a child were written from the American viewpoint. So naturally books don’t lie, said a superior inner voice, ego driven and naively thought. But from family remembrances of early 20th century issues coupled with now acquired academic knowledge of the Creole plight, I can now proudly say to my ancestral teacher A Thank you, Grandma! I am sorry I did not believe you. You were right! The Northern Aggression, as grandma called it had a profound effect on the history here but not in the way that you would think I explain that intensely and passionately in my stories. Did you know the Americans even made the language of French illegal to speak here in the early 20th century!

As a child, I passed ghost stories along in the night to my friends , had New Orleans cemeteries as my playgrounds., became one with swamp magic, trees and nature spirits that were whispering i my ear. High school had me leading ghost hunts for the neighborhood gang to some of the same places I go to professionally now! (even then I was the leader of the pact).  During my college years I escaped to New York and escorted many back here to the hidden side of my spirited home and after many careers in the public eye I found my true calling.

From a small child I saw spirits and had dreams that were more than dreams. Astral travel was part of my life before I knew the words to describe it. The power of prayer produced results and many situations seemed to take care of themselves naturally with simple thoughts. The overload of spirit activity especially when escaping New Orleans had at some points took their toll to the point that there was a need to close off communication for a while or to at least begin how to set boundaries with the invisibles. It seemed safer to try to stop the overload so I sort of closed one door only to open another and focus more on energy healings, folk magic or hoodoo and psychic development I also pursued a fully expressed fun, physical life that colege had to offer. Upon returning home to New Orleans a quickening of messages, a bevy of ghosts awaiting my return, poured in to call with Voodoo Spirits calling loudest.  Though i knew about voodoo since a small child i would say I was only part time invloved until my return. Adjustment and learning of certain filters and fine tuners allowed my mediumship to grow. At this poit with a small psychic baby in the mix I dived more directly in to studies and apprenticemships  to raise him right and bringout his full potential. More intense herbal studies to heal, more trance sessions so we could jounry together and more ancestral counseling so the family knowledge coudl be a part of it all. My son Jagger and I learned much together .THIS proved a slow but steady process. I have had many aprenticeships by traituers, priestess and priests along the way from every path and became teacher very quickly. Balance and grounding  was a necessity  and is one very important  thing among other as reward that I teach. It is much easier to open the door to our innate psychic abilities but to balance it in the here and now and walk both sides of the veil is a tight rope act requiring a lot of fine tuning. Speaking with the spirits is a natural gift and with grace and great teachers from many paths who have come my way I am privileged to share teachings and messages received to you in tours, workshops, ceremonies and psychic healing sessions. I also  guest lecture and teach at Tukane University and to other reknown professors and students the Hoodo and vooodoo that i know so well. It is interesting that many of classes i tech are in the interdisiplinary curiculum at colleges which is the exact thing that VOODOO IS- i also teach what voodoo is not! Do you want to call that magic, voodoo or just spirit work is up to you for labels are something I find constricting. I am an initiated voodoo Priestess (mambo) and a New Orleans Voodoo Queen and have the title by the state as well as from spirit to perform weddings, baptisms, funerals and everything in between. There is a special sprit reawakening here one that worked a long time ago when new things off the boat mixed and worked together, my job is to bring that back, to heal through stories, to teach respect of the ancestors and the importance of redeeming our past! Never has this been more important than right now with the Post Katrina aftermath leaving not only the City of New Orleans still a disaster area but her residents and Spirit of Place still weakened   you returning here and remembering with me can we heal and create anew. The Renaissance is here now and I am proud to help.

Swamo Magic is New Orleans, the Misiisiipi river is our mother and foremost i am her Avatar, her voice. I was born and raised Roman Ctaholic and my mother was a st Joesph nun before she married my dad so i come form a  rich Catholic backgorund and the Saints are still a very  importat part of my work  and healings. The syncretism of saints withinn voodoo has been relevant here wince the 1700s. The multicultral  mix and racial diversity within vooodoo is also a very unique part of New orleans voodoo - so black and white toegther is historic and important to understand. I also teach voodoo , hoodoo and spirit connection of  throught thte other side of the mirror in New Orleans in over 200 documentaiires world wide  to enlighten and pass the magic of New Orleans Voodoo to all.  Hollywood gives voodoo an evil twist- for evil sells but ther e have alwys been those in EVERY religion who let thier eogs  guide them to a left handed path -my job is to balance , to heal and to speak the turth. The sacred stpryteller was known as the Griot in Africa ,like the bard of the celts , rememeber the power of sound is an ancient one and a large part of what i do.

 Bloody Mary is:

            Member of                                         Published in
  Southern Order of Storytellers    Paranoraml BLuebook- volume 1:Ghosts  Editors Choice Published Pen 2005 Paranormal Bluebook Volume 2: Cemeteries
  Louisiana Folklore Society              Louisiana Hauntspatality (photographer)
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Manbo Asogwe (priest) of La Source Ancienne Oumfor en La Nouvelle Orleans                          Queen Bishop of Les Salon L'Esprit de Verite     

                              Voodoo Queen In New Orleans Voodoo   

            Knight Priest of the Mystic Knighthood of the Crowned Heart

          Twinned Celtic Priestess of Foxwood Temple of the Old Religion

                      Reverend Mother of the Universal Church

                                               I AM


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