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Haunted Happy Hours Pub Tour

Tour both the Underworld and the Otherworld history of the Original Sin City inside and outside some of the same places where many dastardly deeds were plotted and planned with spirits in hand! This 17 year long running Scandal tour with a paranormal twist is open to the public on Friday Saturday and Sundays—21 and over please! A Phantasmic Cocktail Walking Tour detailing all the kinds of Spirits that influence New Orleans to overflow Her Old World Charm deep into you very soul. On this Scandal Tour we walk through a haunted courtyard, 3 haunted bars in spirit filled historic hotels and pubs maybe -one even in an old brothel with all with shocking tales to tell ! Even our Ghosts are Scandalous.

Plots and plans of Pirates, Privateers, Politicians, Prostitutes , Placee's & the Pubs they planned it all in. PLus the New Orleans Mafia and JFK conspiracy- all presented to you on our Haunted Pub French Quarter Walking Tour

An intense underworld historic and  part paranormal presentation on an adventure into the Historic Nightlife that Was and Always Is, New Orleans. Psychic and Voodoo paranormal investigationtips - theory and application explored as we weave in and out of many Haunted bars and Historic sites along the way. A total French Quarter explore looking though the evolution of the French Quarter - Her peoples, places, scandals, cocktails, and Other Worldly anomalies.

Toast to the ghost and then tag along. No one can guarentee you will see a ghost but we can tell you methods that are used to connect- the ghosts are not on the payroll ! So we Go back in time telling thier histories ,dabbling into these old imprints and mention the Modern Haunting's experienced and reported. Liquor is not included - that's on you.

This walking tour is History first, haunting 2nd & liquor consumption is 3rd on the list!   This is not a bar hopping drinking tour but tou can drink on it. We have 3 or 4 inside historic stops with bars that are a part of route. New Orleans is open all night long-No last call , no rush!

So  Come early , Come sober so you can walk the route!!

 There are tales you won't want to miss. Drink responsibly!

How to Reserve your Space!

This tour is offered   Friday through Sunday  to the public with reservations. This is at least 2 1/2 hours up to 3 hours + long on weekends or crowded nights.     

Walk ups and Walk ins possible but same day reservations are officially by phone only and please do Call  to check if any spots are still available for  same date tour availability info which is on the voice mail

We run Friday through Sunday for public tours when reserved  at least 24 hours prior -RSVP- required 504-915-7774


Reserve Here

  But Read warning prior!

Warning l


                            $30 on line discount price or $33 reg price 

for in person or cc by phone.


Individual Sold out dates :12/05

Please Join 8pm Undead tour on sold out nights- that is the more classic ghost and voodoo version that also starts at the Haunted bar



48 hours in advance notice to switch tour dates, no refunds , but tour choice and time switch  are possible , with availability . Redeemable for up to one year if you caancel 24 hours prior to tour time. 


Where and When to Meet

Meet at 941 Bourbon Street in Lafittes Blacksmith Shop Bar-Gather in the Patio/courtyard outside section by the patio service bar. Lafittes iis at the intersection of Bourbon street and St. Phillip Street. Come 15 minutes early.

Tour starts at 4:30pm Friday through Sunday 2 /12 - 3 hours + long


FYI -We  begin at a haunted bar, have one or possibly two official inside stops during the middle and end inside a haunted bar- you can take drinks to go with you for the whole tour but upper scale bars we go inside will not allow you inside with outside drinks or souvineer cups . We have many tales to tell you and preferred historic bar stops to take you inside so we hope you to pace your desires -We use to call it the Haunted pub crawl but didn't think you would take that literally - we really need you to be able to walk upright so you can absorb the history!!

We try to keep this tour at the 3 hour limit but it can go overtime if stops and bathroom breaks encounter long lines. We hope to have you able to absorb the information as well as your liquor in moderation-Thank you


Come early , Come sober so you can walk the route!

 We need you to be able to absorb the tour not just the alcohol  so please eat something before you start and Come Sober.

We reserve the right to  refuse you on the tour if you  are too tipsy or disruptive.. It is a great tour and  everyone will want to hear  the stories.

You can take drinks  in plastic on the streets in New Olreans but you can be arrested for drunk in public! !-Certain stops will not allow us in if you are stumbling and we can't carry you! 

There will be no refunds if you do not listen to this rule!

More Tour Details

From the very conception of New Orleans debauchery was a historic fact -Growing up from colonization to modern day - come see how things have changed and how some things have not! A scandalous memoir from those who lived through these times and info about the spirits themselves combine to create this decadent nite out. You wll Get the history of our city and about some of the New Orleans spirits that you drink, topped with a twist - the kind that go bump in the night!


From the Bawdiness of Burlesque to the  brazen hussies in brothels, b-girls and bar rooms brawls to classic duels fought over the demimondes challenged in ballrooms , creative conspiracies planned in Concert-Saloons, Barrel houses of Keel boat men in their rests for weary travelers , battles planned in grog-houses and attempts of assassination and assignation—much of our history and underworld business dealings were planned inside our bars!.

Bourbon Street and beyond lay many hidden gems with stories begging to be told. So No matter if the highbrow or the lowbrow, in our Opera Houses and Grog Houses to Whore houses and everything in between— the Spirits have always flowed through this town--even during Prohibition times!


Learn why even 200 years ago they called us " The Great Southern Babylon", "The Perfect Hell on Earth" . Come Explore Our Original Sin City with her world renowned vices -personal and political, that have left their paranormal footprints to follow. Hear of New Orleans conspiracy theories, assassination plots, suicides, Tragic romances, Crimes of Passion, Mafia  Connections and Musical legends as we Travel to a Colonial Taverns, an old brothel Saloons, a famous restaurants which had n old speakeasy, see modern nightclubs and exclusive hotels where all the history occurred. The Vice, graft and her aftermath that hover in our famous bars and historic buildings throughout the Vieux Carre come to you live in exciting melodramas that are the history of this Port Town- where some things never want to disembark and if they do, just like you, they want to come back for a return visit!


.Pirates , Privateers, River Gangs and War heroes

Piracy had always surrounded this Isle of Orleans and neighboring Barataria Bay - a fearful yet necessary trip for locals to acquire their wares but these

places were filled with dangerous and disorganized terrors from the sea in the early  days before the strong gallant Jean Lafitte came to straighten things out. He and his brothers have tales of treasure, treason and heroic deeds haunting here. Planning of the Battle of New Orleans-Jean and his cohort spirits wander in the bars we visit and occasionally has been seen walking the tours with us. He is also in Galveston and ultimately it seems the Yucatan -being dead doesn't seen to stop you from getting round town especially this one. The Laffittes Blacksmith Shop on Bourbon is our oldest pub and very haunted and Jean Lafitte himself is one of the spirits within its old brick en post construction, learn more & see many ghost pics.

                                                 Lewd and Abandoned Women of the Night

Prostitution was a licensed trade in 1857  till round

Prohibition and had flourished since colonial times. Some of New Orleans first shipment of colonists were called Correction girls - a polite term for the harlots swept off the streets of Paris and  set free from the jails and sent to Louisiana, Prostitution greeted the Keel Boatmen in the Swamp and then settled down near Smoky Row, Gallitan  Docks and the Famous Storyville- actually the calmer of the red light districts in our history. Visit an old Brothel still haunted by the girls and their Madame Mae Bailey, hear of the Last Madame-, Norma Wallace and the one after her too who still walks in her flesh in the french quarter-- get some Scoop straight from some who were there in the day and the politicians, policemen and regular Joe's & Johns who were with them "allegedly. see an actual prostitution license

 Gambling, Dueling- Adventurers through the times

Piracy gave way round the time that the Floating palaces reigned Queen -the Riverboat days were a time when gamblers, adventurers, soldiers of fortune had their  hey day here. Every coffee house and tavern had many an able bodied man with some scheme up his sleeve searching for investors to front their freedom fight. With a ready ear, money to burn and drink in hand New Orleans men were anxious for adventure of game of chance. Governors, Senators, creole gentlemen, fugitives and refugees joined in- Even the Aaron Burr conspiracy had a New Orleans edge. The ever popular  duel still going strong was challenged under the influence.  Many a man fell in honor with pistols or sword in hand - Backfired Reasons of expansion, treason, passion- all these "Sure-things" triggered adventures of one kind or another.

The Black Hand, The Mafia , Organized Crime and WOP Salad To Go                                                                

The first Port of entry for Sicilians into this country was New Orleans and the word Mafia was introduced to this country from right herewith  also brought the Black Hand and some fabulous food in tow. The Black Hand left their mark in early New Orleans and gave way to bootlegging, pimping, gambling and drugs. The First Mafia Assassination in the country was in 1890 New Orleans . The Black Hand was disorganized but the first Mob bosses in early New Orleans organized it -the First Family Matranga and later our prize catch Mafia Kingfish- Carlos Marcello- all had their hands in a lot of tills and tassels too. They were in the limelight from 1890 to 1970's owning many of the bars, brothels, restaurants and gambling joints-Where are they now?

Burlesque, Strippers,and their Politicians all in a Row



Being in bed with the politicians has many meanings in New Orleans and this Red Haired Vixen may have made Louisiana Governor Earl K Long stark raving mad but she was not the first to entice a politician to his impending doom-  Blaze Starr and her burlesque fame floor shows at the ShoBar on Bourbon Street with Hot Jazz blaring its trumpet strumpet call lured Many  a man in with wicked wiles , moans and groans and bumps and grinds. But New Orleans was a always a hotbed of hussies, plots and plans and Bourbon Street was defiantly not alone—explore the death and resurrection of Burlesque

Assassination, Conspiracy, Garrison, JFK, Lee Harvey, Clay

Jim Garrison, New Orleans district attorney brought charges against well known businessman Clay Shaw for the assassination of JFK. New Orleans underworld connections became the Spotlight—murmurings of the murder linger in many New Orleans nightclubs. Learn why New Orleans was so much a part of this Big conspiracy, Lee Harvey Oswald was born in New Orleans and still pops up, Jack Ruby was an associate of Local Mafia Kingfish--Carlos Marcello, the Kennedy brothers were definitely in his address book too. the aftermath  of it all still lingers in New Orleans.

Murder/ Suicide , Torture , Demons and Deadly Darkness

Did the Devil make them do it?  Is  possession ever a legitimate excuse for the atrocities that splatter our newspapers with horrid headlines. Drugs and liquor were on the scene of many a murder/suicide but could the Deadly Darkness have a deeper deceit? How has this been thought of throughout the ages? Shake the Devil Off is a new book about a New Horror in New Orleans blaming PTSD as the demon. THIS case study of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is valid but what else was brewing? Explore murder, ghastly crimes & unthinkable atrocities that litter history in New Orleans - The Devil's Playground.

Phantastic cocktails and The Green Fairy


The Phantasmagoric tales  about the effects of Absinthe on some of the greatest artists and poets have made it a legendary brew-and it is legal again in some states- defiantly in New Orleans. We explore this phantastic cocktail, its effects and its history . Follow in the steps of the famous who that chased the Green Fairy, As an Absentieur I have photographed my 4 all time favorites from left to right above. Our Port has been the first for many liquors and we have created some amazing cocktails we will discuss on the tour.!                                   



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